Saturday, 30 August 2008

Well thats it maiden voyage is over we are back in our mooring. It has been an interesting voyage and a very big learning curve, Noreen is expert at locks, swing bridges, feeding the unexpected guests, and underwater management. I have honed my skills as a Boat engineer, steersman, carpenter, and general deck hand.
We have seen the county from a completely different angle and have been really surprised at just how beautiful it is, I have been amazed at the wild live you can see in the middle of towns. We have both learnt just how hard it can be on the body my hands are hard again through handling wet ropes, my shoulder mussels have enlarged through the constant pushing and pulling of the tiller. Noreen has been winding locks sluices. pushing lock gates, and swinging swing bridges, forget the expensive gyms two weeks on the cut will tone up anybodies body, Its strange that so much hard work can be so relaxing.
Not only have we had a learning curve of cruising the inland waterways, but we have had a quit learning curve of living aboard Buggerlugs, we have now got a long list of jobs that will require my attention.
So folks, thats are first voyage over keep an eye on the blog things are still happening.
We have moved onto our new mooring so I will be letting you know what the neighbours are like.
Watch this space

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Bag ladies Day

Well yes we did make the other side of wigan without a hitch Noreen managed all seven locks like an expert. However we did have one or two mishaps in the day. it started when Noreen decided to go to the shops we were told it was only a twenty minute walk and the plan was to get a taxi back, just check out the pics I think Noreen has either gone all out and become a water gypsy or she is trying to create a new vogue in foot wear which ever I bet it caused a stir in tesco's at 8.30 in the morning. the second deviation was when mooring up for the night stop Noreen was not happy with the state of the banking and decided to inspect it from the bottom up when I eventually pulled her out of the canal she said the bank was fine and we should stay, check out the pics of Noreen stripping off in the cretch and giving the fishermen more than a they bargained for. Being the kind generous man you all know me as I decided to take her to dinner, actually it was a curry and we had the early bird menu 5.30 till 6.30 Well I can't have people thinking I have gone soft in my old age.
Today we have Elliot on board and also had Gerry with an American guest so now we are internationally famous.

Having probs with the pics they will follow
Tight lines to all.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Bnak holiday

Well our first bank holiday on the water. I am not sure that it was the weather or state of the ecconomy but it was very quiet so we had no problems with the moorings.
Elliot was collected on friday night but he will rejoin the cruise on tues can't get rid of him. Sat we stayed in Leigh because we had Andy and Sue to dinner on of those impromtue parties that turned into a "reet good do". today being sunday we had a lie in and only travled a vew miles to Plank lane swing bridge were we met Matthew and Lorraine with Thomas of course, We also had a suprise guest in the form of John Bamber great to see him again, we then had a short sail upto the flashes, wonderful bird life and great veiws were the canal is raised above the low lying land.
We have a big day tomorrow hope to make the other side of Wigan we will see.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bad Day

I have been layed up for two days. I managed to twist my ankle yesterday but everything seem to be on the mend now. We are moored up in Stretford just at the back of Noreens dads house. the enforced layup means that Noreen has managed a lot of shopping and we have had her Dad over for meals.
The most spectacular view so far was going over the Barton Aqueduct over the Manchester Ship Canal looking down onto large container ships was quite unnerving.
The canal system around Manchester is very nice except for the rubbish floating everywere the canals are clean tidy and well maintained with lots of wild live comming through Trafford Park between industry and the Trafford Centre we saw 5 Herons.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

This weeks visitors

Maryanne left on wednesday, it was great to have her with even though it was a short stay, Maryanne managed to save Noreen having a breakdown when she got a parking ticket it Ormskirk. By the way anyone visiting Ormskirk watch for parking the multi store ie Argos, Home care, Aldi the car park is pay and display.
Wednesday also saw the visit of Tracy, Tess, Jack & Ben great time was had the weather was great, for the first time fishing the two lads did well and caught plenty of fish.

Today Sat saw the arrival of my brother Kieth with Carol and Danny the weather was at its worst for this week but we still managed to catch some fish and Noreen managed to get lost in Ormskirk and finished up in Southport.

Tomorrow we are off for two weeks cruising hoping to get to Manchester via the Leigh branch and then up the Bridgwater keep an eye on this page to check progress.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Thomas's First visit to Buggerlugs

Today was a great day Not only did we have the pleasure of Thomas but also Matthew and Maryanne. Mat had to prove his expertise as an angler and catch a bigger fish than anyone else.
Great to see them all what a fantastic first visit.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Quart into a pint pot

Quart into a pint pot

OK we are aboard, However if you were here yesterday you would have thought we were two magicians. Even though we have down sized once (and did we down size ) and even though we have designed BUGGERLUGS ourselves we have still to down size again. The problem lies in the interpretation between us and the carpenter on the size of a cupboard, what they fail to tell you is when you put a cupboard on you plan you naturally assume that it will be normal size, not so because to make thinks fit into the boat most things are 4" smaller that is due to the hull being narrower at the bottom. Anyway as I was saying we are aboard and now need another car boot sale for the things that will not fit (I dare not tell Noreen that my fishing gear has to come yet, I may save that until a later date and just leave it in the trailer for now. The first night was was strange you get use to sleeping on Your side of of the bed don't you but when one side becomes a dead end ie no way of getting out other that climbing over your partner "well lets say at 4am this morning it was not appreciated. Noise will take a bit of getting use to three or four time I heard gurgling sounds and slapping of water and imagined us sinking.

But after saying all that we are very comfortable and very happy everyone is very helpful and will to share their knowledge of boating experience.

I will send pics when we are cleaned up

Monday, 4 August 2008

Everything must go

Its hard to let go of half a life times junk, thing that I collected through my travels, things I brought back for the kids, prizes, presents, things that mean nothing to anyone but us. BUT It all had to go just too much junk, and what better way that a 5 o clock start on a sunday morning.

It was hard work and it required the customary Bacon butts, and black coffee, soon we had the punters rolling in I even sold a pair of wooden skis last used when matthew was 6, sales went well and 90% went

Thanks to Maryanne and Gregg who were stalwarts of the day, and Maryanne stopped me going home with more than I went with

So its now on to pastures new and the old life is behind us but memories still in our heart which lets face it is the best place for them.