Monday, 29 November 2010

Another Rant

Hi again

I am now going to have yet another Rant.
Since retirement I have actually had time to watch some TV. I know but when its raining or freezing you are quite restricted to what you can do on the boat, especially when we are in the Marina.
Day time TV is not my rant though I do believe that you have to be almost brain dead to watch and enjoy it.
I mean where does that Jeremy Kyle find the morons he has on his programme, I’m sorry I know we shouldn’t stereotype but they cannot be real, I have worked all over this planet and been in some very deprived and depraved areas of this world and never ever have I come across such inept people, I can only hope for the survival of the human race that those people are actors and are playing the role.(for wages)
That off my chest, down to what I really want to Rant about, ADVERTS.
For a start I do not want a bloody Sofa for Christmas and I wonder just how many of you do, surely the best time to buy one would be after Christmas that way you would avoid all the kids jumping over it and sticking it full of sweets, nuts, sherry and Christmas pudding, Also if I did want to buy one, why should I want one that has been in the sale for the past 10 years.
Today’s gem for the advert buff was one for Landlord insurance the way I see this if you are smart enough to have property and now transformed yourselves into a Landlord then you are smart enough to know you need special insurance and if you did not know, then maybe you should have just stuck your money under the mattress just like granny.
And after 45 years in catering (and not killing anyone even though I have cooked in the Jungle, Desert, muddy fields, slaughtered our own Beef  and used elephant dung on the fire) it really annoys me to hear advertiser's saying that they can kill 100% "of all known household germs, absolute rubbish! if they did we would all be dead, we need the bloody germs and the bacteria to stay alive, our food couldn't be digested without it. Also all this anti bacterial hand wash, well I'm sorry its just a way of printing money, the bacterial soap Ad that really gets me is the one that dispenses without you touching it. great but then you wipe your hands on the towel and you are back to square one. OK in hospital's and places of infection I can see the point but really in your own home forget it.
I believe in cleanliness but honestly the only people cleaning up are the inventors of this stuff.

Have you ever sat there and watch an Advert then wondered what the hell it was being advertised? Maybe its me, maybe I’m just a bit thick or Old or the ad wasn't "aimed" at me. I know I am beginning to sound like a grumpy old man and that people will soon stop talking to me because I go off on one, its just that I am fed up to the back teeth of people taking the average public as idiots who will believe anything because its on telly.
Just one last thing am I the only one who didn't know a single Celeb (get me out of hear) who made them celebs? I always thought celebs had done something or had been famous?? A question was asked on a game show to name Beckhams three children? I was very very proud to shout out "haven't a bloody clue"
Rant over, I feel better now
This is all because its freezing outside the Marina is frozen with 5inch of Ice and I have nothing better to do.

Big Al

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Back Again

I have been off line for a few weeks, The computer got a virus so its been to the Doc's for a flue jab. My son-in-law Gregg who is a computer doctor gave the old thing the kiss of life some TLC and a pick me up so its now up and running.
Thanks everyone for letting me know that I was not talking to myself its some relieve to know I'm not going doolally. Lisa asked were we got the name from, Well its like this as children both our fathers called us buggerlugs, I believe that was because we were both sort of unruly, for those who do not realise the word Buggerlugs is an endearment or a proclamation of mischievousness. When I was a lad the expression " oy buggerlugs come here" could be heard up and down the back entries as irate mothers called their off spring in. So when we were looking for a name for a 60ft piece of metal that will not do as its told, has a mind of its own, and sometimes we consider it is a free spirit, the word Buggerlugs seemed quite appropriate and of course its such a lovely word.
We survived the storms over the past few days with very little damage, I lost a cover off one of the top boxes but after an hour of dragging the mooring I located it in the middle of the Marina.
some of our neighbours fared worse as two sky navigation systems were blown into the canal and as yet not retrieved
I am in the process of writing a bit about adverts which will appear very soon

Keep smiling and watching this space