Sunday, 1 March 2015

Awaiting Spring (or warmer weather )

Really nothing to report, naturally we are busy, as usual at this time of year the weather is against us I have a lot of paintings to finish, walking sticks to complete, the engine to service and Buggerlugs needs a good spring clean But with gale force winds temperatures down to almost minus makes all this work rather challenging but that’s what its all about. How boring would life be if everything was that easy. I believe that at my stage of life without a few challenges I would become very irritable???
Lets hope this month shows some improvement I have ordered everything and spare parts, now everything is in place ready to go all I need is a few weeks good weather or just dry would suffice.
The trip now starts on the 13th of April with Buggerlugs leaving the Marina for Liverpool we are to await our escort at Hancocks Bridge No 9 for our passage through to Liverpool which is controlled by the CRT and the Liverpool docks people. Its all to do with safety there are a few very busy swing bridges to negotiate and the fact that you are going onto a commercial waterway with Real Boats. This will be our first time through to  Liverpool we will be moored in Salthouse Dock which is just through Albert Dock, we will be easy to find just look for the Big Green boat beside the dock car park we will be there until the 25th April so we are open for visitors just make sure you phone as we have a lot to see and do.
I have had trouble matching the original colour of the boat so I have had to send a hatch door away to have a Spectrometer used on it to get the right colour it will cost a fortune but at least then I will have the right colour it would be a shame to ruin what is still after 7 years a brilliant paint job though I do need to do some touch-up work to bring it up to A1 condition, I was  always  one for being best on parade nothing wrong with being proud, though they say it does come before a fall and lets face it I have had enough of them.
The geese have now started to fly from Martin Mere and the surrounding marsh lands, the farmers have started ploughing and planting so the geese and swans are heading inland for breakfast as the skeins fly over   the noise they produce is incredible but still exciting its just another indicator that spring is very close, the Ducks around the boat have also realised that spring is near and started pairing up if they had courts and laws half the drakes would be had up for improper behaviour????????

That’s it folks
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