Monday, 31 October 2011

Hi Everyone

Very sorry to report that very little is happening on board Buggerlugs, I have been attempting to winterise her I have managed most of it however it has been a struggle I thought on leaving hospital IO would just carry on as before (stupid idea) but I have just soldiered on things take a bit longer but hey nothing else to do. Noreen is enjoying her two days a week in the cafe its gets her from under my feet and I can do all those man jobs?? done whilst she is away. I have had a few painting jobs on the go and finding it a lot easier now we have a garden lots of room for spraying and even more room for storing and drying.
I have not wrote the blog for a few weeks because I have been to four funerals all of which were great friends, these Departure's have left me doing a lot of thinking and wondering what could have been. That may sound very macabre but hey I am still here and I must not feel guilty. I suppose At my stage in life I am going to get periods like this.
Buggerlugs is still playing host to many family and friends and continuing hosting many enjoyable evenings with good wine good food good port and most of all good friends now that is how we should live our life's forget about the recession riots and demos surround yourself with good friends and good food and sod the rest of the mad world. Concentrate on what is really important
As these pics show we have been enjoying the last days of Autumn
God Bless
 Big Al

Visitors can always get rest and recuperation

Or if its our Kieth just fishing will do

Thomas and Nunu (gran) Enjoying the last gorgeous
days of Autumn on Southport sands
I am