Tuesday, 30 December 2008


The Engaged Couple
Feeding the Ducks

So far over the Christmas break we have had quite a few visitors, Maryanne on Boxing day which was her birthday 30 I cannot believe it either. it was also the day Maryanne & Gregg became an engaged couple.
Yesterday we had a motley crew from Blackburn, John, Julie, Vici, Russel, Rachel, Bethany, and last but not least Elliot. We were suppose to go for a sail but the who canal is frozen, it ended up very cosy the weather was freezing but we all huddled together and had a great day. Breaking ice, Fishing, feeding the ducks and eating.

Monday, 15 December 2008


Do not swim in our Marina
these Buggers will have you leg off

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

All Iced up

Skating Ducks
Practicing for the Christmas Panto on ice

Iced up and going nowhere

We are all iced up and the weather is about to get worse. but the boat is very cosy and we are as snug as bug in a rug. One problem is getting in and out of the boat the gang way is very slippy especially when you are using a crutch, I think other boaters around here are running a sweep stake to see not if but when I fall in, I intend to beat them.

We are the only people with religious Ducks "they walk on water"

Speak soon

Big Al