Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lifes like that, But I am still here

Hi everyone
I was reminded last night that my Blogg is very very short of both humour and content this year. That maybe true but comparing this year with the previous year this one has been very quiet and if you think I am going to repeat that years antics to to please you lot “think again”
I don’t know about you but here winter has announced its arrival with minus 4/5 temperatures the Marina has already got its first covering on Ice. Last week we received the gale force winds when poor old Buggerlugs was tossed about like a cork in a bottle and this week she is frozen in and stuck solid, But who cares!! No matter what the weather brings we cannot change it, so I suggest we just get on with it!
And for once its something I cannot blame on the government though I would surly love to prove them at fault that would make my day.  I have been warned not to go off on another rant. I have sent that many letters to the House of Commons ranting about everything from immigration, Policing Policy, The Economy, Why we can not
 repatriate criminals, Education and My Bl---- pension I could go on but I won’t
I would not be surprised if my emails were not monitored, and I am on some list in MI5 as a Dissident. To be correct I have just looked up the definition of Dissidenter in Thesaurus “it would appear that I could be a “nonconformist, unorthodox, rebellious protester.
Now to me I have been aiming for a title like that ever since my Commanding officer said to me “Sergeant Major someone of your rank should not be arriving to work on a motor bike” to which I relied “then you buy me a car or better still send your car and staff driver for me” Promotion always came to me on merit not by conformity.
I Digress I was talking about the winter, Its Sunday afternoon, Just returned from Salford and church, feeling rather virtuous? the fire is blazing, the boat is like a sauna, Snooker on the tele Bliss, all is well with the world, Looking out of the window I see this years ducks out with mum for a afternoon skating lesson, from the few occupied boats, little plumes of smoke are drifting skyward through the very still air its such a tranquil scene. I have a good mind to start the engine and go for a spin around the Marina just to wake everyone up.
Winter problems have started early The gear box on the car is very sick, I think that the gremlins have built a home in there, nobody can decide the actual problem so my conclusion is “if its not broke don’t mend it”, I will leave the noise to either get worse or get better either way we will wait and see. The Calorifier on the boat has sprung a leek, again some disagreement on cause so again I will monitor the situation and when I find the cause I will implement a remedy, until then leave well alone.
We had a very busy day yesterday with a 6.30am start (we did hot Christmas lunch on a bun we first have to cook all the meats) for the school Christmas fete then we were at a Ladies Dinner Night last night arriving back at 00.30am Out by 07.45 this morning to get Noreen’s dad to church in Salford.  I am now a little weary, whilst typing this I have nodded off and typed 5 pages of the letter “a” I think its time to pack in
This was really only to say that I have not yet succumbed to any serious winter illness and am still pottering about trying to spread a little goodness doing what I can for anyone who needs a hand though at times I remember the adage we used when I was in the Army
We the unknowing lead by the ungrateful have done so much with so little for so long We are now capable to doing anything with nothing for anyone at anytime

As regards to my last blog and the boaters Pets and wild life on the Marina.We have had no more swans hitting the overhead power lines and I thank everyone for their concerns. We have a boaters cat that is climbing the evolution ladder by eating the bird feed, thanks to the very cold weather the Parrot is staying indoors and I no longer have to listen to the Incessant squawking. it looks and sounds as if the Mink has found  better accommodation for the winter as there has been no signs for three weeks Now I have a garden I am considering keeping chickens just to add to the Marina's Managerie.???


God Bless
Big Al