Wednesday, 22 June 2011


thanks to Mat for continuing  the Blog and theHodgkinson Tradition of st0ry telling
Its been a very humblng view days I had no idea that one person could be blessed with so many wonderful freinds We are as a family trully blessed  I am tring to construct this from my h0spital bed ten broken rbbs  a busted cavicle and tw0 h0les in my skull s0 please excuse the lack of Jokes
Mat will continue with all the news

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Saturday the 18th of June

Today started with a lot of nerves both Lorraine and I haven't seen dad now for two weeks we were off to Birmingham to meet up with Maryanne and Gregg to see Dad for fathers day, not what I had planned over a month ago but to make the best of a bad job. 
Couldn't believe my eyes no nccu ward, no wires, no tubes just the old warrior sat there raising his hand into a pistol shape and pretending to shoot us as we walked towards his bed, the smile said it all no words needed to be spoken we just looked at each other with a nod. It was better than any fathers day I could of planned.
We had a great time as best you can in hospital ward anyway, talking about what had happened and the future. Dad is aware of what i'm writing now and wants me to thankyou all for your support also he has some tales himself that he wanted to share so here we go.

Sat here in my bed there isn't much to do and I feel like shite but the good thing is I'm here I feel sick all the time, its about 20ft from my bed to Charlie opposite I have become quite a good shot now every time I eat or drink something Charlie gets to share it with me about 2mins later, I can see the funny side whats up with him. Alot of the nursing staff are military there is a ward here for the lads and lasses coming home from war zones yesterday a Chinook few over ,unmistakable sound that, but me shouting INCOMING down the ward didn't go down well.
You will be glad to know I am being a nuisance, falling out of bed and having to be hoisted back in you know the usual stuff... a man has to do. Take care all hope to see you soon.


Of all the places in all the world  yes you guessed it theyplan to send him to Burnley, joking apart we are told its execellent and this wherethe rehab will begin so for all you local people nows your chance to give mum the break she deserves I will let you all knowdetails of visiting etc as soon as he gets a bed
God bless, Matt

Monday, 6 June 2011


Well all your National Insurance contributions have been well spent this year so please no more complaining about them they have been put to good use. There has been a dramatic turn in Alans condition this week, Saturday the 4th of June Dad had opened his eyes and was moving his head from side to side. He seemed to be frustrated and fed up with the environment in which he awoke , but that's understandable it would be fair to say also a little frightened. Then came Sunday, an indifferent day it started of a little shaky with Dad giving us a hard time, he wasn't responding as the day before, but as the day progressed so did he. I think it had something to do with me telling him he only had another 10 days to recover before the fishing season started. He seems to know who we all are and is breathing on his own although he is still very weak. There has been talk of moving him down the ward a bit in 3 or 4 days time, this means that the further away from the nurse's station he goes the more stable he is. At the moment and for all his stay at the hospital he has remained next to the nurse's station.
His throat is very sore and he hasn't spoke but its all good news today.

My next update might be a while away as its Thomas' birthday weekend 11th June so we won't see him until the following weekend.

Both Maryanne and I would like this chance to say publicly how well Mum has coped with everything, without her doing what she does it would have been impossible, thanks Mum you are a very special person xx
A big thankyou to you all and keep safe   Matt.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Day 5 to 10 Update.

First of all it has to be said that you have all been amazing, the support we have received, the kind words on the blog mean so much to the family. When you think you can't get any lower someone does something that's above and beyond or they write something on here that makes us find new strengh.
To try to be true to Dads blog I will do my best to write  in his own hand.
I'm sure you have all done things that at the time seemed a good idea, but then after its to late and your not to sure. Well that's what i was thinking when dad and mum sold their house 3 yrs ago and moved on to Buggerlugs, but then I went to see them on their boat, they were like kids in a sweet shop, or in dads case a pig in shit. So it seems they were right after all. The other big decision they had to make is where on thousands of miles of canal they would live.... after careful consideration they choose  Fetlers Wharf in Rufford which in my opinion has been absolutely one of the best decisions they have made in building this new life that they enjoy so much, Thankyou Fetlers.

Busy bank holiday but not in the typical sense of a bank holiday visit to Buggerlugs. This time it was the serious kind ( no fishing ). Time to take over from my sister Maryanne who has been doing a fantastic job of making mum crazy and sane all at the same time! Both Lorraine and I set of to Birmingham in separate cars so mum could have her own car. Now that Les and Linda had brought Buggerlugs upto Lyons boat yard just a 15 min drive from the hospital, thankyou Les and Linda x

The new temporary mooring has come with a few teething problems brought about by mum well basically being mum. As most of you know she's great in the galley and great at doing the locks but it is quite clear that's where it stops. For those of you who have a boat will know that there's a whole lot more to do as I found out, however after lots of call to Danny and Alan at Fetlers we have her nicely settled in.... thankyou.
Hows Alan getting on? Well today is day 12 and we seem to have turned the corner, dad has been taken of some drugs that were keeping him paralysed.  Its early days but he has responded well by blinking and nodding his head.  He seems to be responding to some commands from the nursing staff ( big thankyou ).  Its still early days, tiny steps. Everyone is aware that dad is in no way out of the woods and we mustn't get ahead of ourselves, however for now its all good news.
many thanks,