Sunday, 26 August 2018

Back in the home Marina

Well my last blog was in July since then I have been quite busy whilst on the Weaver we received info from CRT that they were going to close the Leeds and Liverpool canal from Wigan to Gargrave within the week. Now I know that when the Wigan flight gets closed the Pounds between Poolstock locks get very low in fact to low to pass so we left the Weaver on the next lift it only took two days to get from the Weave to the homeward side of Wigan. There was no way I was spend all of Aug stuck on the wrong side of Wigan. so after a week in at Scarisbrick we ended up back on our mooring in Fettlers a month early. This year has been a bit of a Guess where we go today with the stoppages and low water its a wonder we got back at all, Many of our boating friends are still maroon above the Wigan flight but it is expected that they will reopen the L&L very soon as soon as it does open we are to bring John & Kaths  boat  home to Fettlers its only two days, but at least we will be back boating .  Coming back early combined with this beautiful weather gave us the opportunity to, at last get the garden sorted also the marina has had all the trees in the garden cut back (no more Pigeons crapping on my boat )  plus a new jetty to come home to, now we even have a gazebo for those late summer evening with a  T&Gs. I have also started a new project one that was passed to me its a 50inch model narrow boat fibre glass hull and wooden everything else. the only problem being that the plans are for two different boats, this has meant scrapping all the plans and going it alone with the bits I have so far its not to bad instead of being a 50ft trad stern it is now a 50ft cruiser stern of sorts its loads of fun and Noreen says when this one is finished she is buying me another one as it has kept me out of her way for nearly a month so if anyone wants a model boat of large proportion let me know before I paint and name it.
Our baby sitting duties start on Tue and then Noreen soon gets back to work (only 2 days a week) As now I have no work on the marinas I am looking for volunteer work but it has to be flexible as I do have a few commissions due to start in Sept.

I hope you all had a good summer though we still have sept which looking at my almanac we are about to get a very nice one but don't go booking late holidays on my say so
Be good and look after yourselves. I was considering doing a weekly winter block what do you think is it worth it ???

God Bless