Sunday, 29 May 2016

Still Static

We are still marooned in Castleford we should now bw on our way towards Lincoln however hane wanted to check a some rust he spotted on one of the windows haveing taken the window out it was obviouse that it was not good news after great discusion and pondering it was decided to take all the windows out treat them all and re-seal them making water tight for the next 15 years so that was the first set back we left there last thursday so the lads would not have to worry about us being around when the real spraying started (very Smelly) so we made arrangements to be away for the bank holiday weekend on Sat evening Shane phoned to say the the river had dropped and Buggerlugs was now below the walkway making it impossible to spray the gunnals so another two days delay. We have now started to eat into our cruise time for this year, it looks as if our stop overs will be curtailed in some way.
Luckily we have good freinds so visiting and staying over for a few days has not been a problem this weekend we are back on our Marina staying on Steph and Phils Butty they have gone next door staying on their Narrowboat Blossom they have been so kind I  have repayed by doing a fit out on Blossom doing the bathroom and Bedroom doors, just to keep my hand in. we have a great weekend and tomorrow we take up residence at Matthews there untill thurs looking after Thomas (half Term)
Today we were at a skateboard park with Thomas Matthew and Lorrain Thomas has a new scooter and wanted to show off all his new tricks I must admit we had a grand afternoon in the park.
Whilst being back on the marina I have managed to get quite a lot of fishing in and caught plenty. in fact its been a very nice weekend

God Bless everyone

This is Olly he now has taken up residence 
in our Garden at the Marina

Monday, 23 May 2016


Well we are still here in Castleford and still working on the boat. however this time I cannot blame the boat yard as we found a lot more work needed doing especially around the windows but when this is finnished it should last the next 15 years which will do me.
HAVE you ever woke up and that today is not going to be your day, today we had a day out in York. On the way along the way on the A64 I am sure I was caught be a mobile speed camera. whilst there I thought I would have some stitches taken out ( last week I went to Southport to have a biopsy taken from a blemish on my shoulder nothing to even think about) but that entailed a 2 hour wait in A&E because they have closed the dropin centre in York so now everyone has to go to A&E   anyway stitches out and all is well . Whilst having lunch in Weatherspoons and tucking in to a lovely steak I broke a front tooth, the only thing that went well was the Park and Ride into York was free.
Had a great weekend though in Chester with Maryanne and Pippa unfortunately Steve was away taking some lads on their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award he deserves a medal having done the east coast last week we did the west coast ( well Llandudno ) over the weekend  
Even though we are still marooned we are still out and about and though there is a lot more to do we can see a light at the end of the long long tunnel

God Bless

Pippa and Grandal

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Day out

Here we are STILL in the boat yard things are moving and getting on with the job. I should not complain because they are doing a great job to do it properly which means long times of doing nothing between jobs as they are putting lots of coats of epoxy resin, then paint, then more paint and so on even I find it complicated,  I expect that if you want it done properly it is going to take time. But as usual we are making the best of it. Fortunately we have our car here so we have been out and about.
Today we have been on a nostalgic trip to Whitby. As many years ago I bought Noreen a Victorian Whitby Jet necklace which was then the most expensive thing I had ever bought her. ???????? 
In all these years Whitby has not changed the only thing that has is the fishing fleet is now being used for day trips such a sad sad sight the EU has an awful to answer for. to think that Capt Cook  set sail from Whitby to discover Australia, the great whalers left here. and many other sea going stories were born here. 
the drive over to Whitby is a fantastic day out on its own from leaving Pickering you cross the North York Moors and I do not think that there is a better drive in the UK except for the Lakes and and the Lancashire 
On the whole a really good nostalgic day out who knows what tomorrow will bring not as good as travelling by boat but hey life is too short  just  enjoy the day.  
God Bless 
Crossing the North York moors, the weather closed in

Whitby Abbey

looking on the river from the Abbey

Out through the break water

Quite a large Marina 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Well hello everyone
Yes it is really me I know it seems like ages ago since I wrote the last blog and yes I was sad at having to leave Buggerlugs behind but we have been up a few times to see her though every time I went she looked worse all stripped naked and looking very neglected no name or coach work BUT the good news now is we move on board Buggerlugs next Tuesday which with all the set backs that the boat yard faced is  minor miracle S hane and his crew have really pulled out all the stops to finish almost on time or it could have been the fact that we hand this boat back next week and I threatened  that we would be homeless and have to move back on Buggerlugs and live in his Boat Yard
Trevor and Marina who's boat we are living on have been great I do not know what we would have done without their help typical boater they seem to enjoy helping out and having it here on the Marina in fact here on our mooring has been great as I have access to my SHED/ workshop/art studio/ gun smiths/ guitar renovator and sing writer as You can see I have been extremely busy. I have had loads of work on other boats, as lots of the boats are due their safety Certificates so its mainly getting them ready for that except for the Stern gland job that was exciting I had never done one before well not whilst the boat was still in the water but My Dad always said to us when we were about to tackle a tricky job for the first time step back and "give it a good dose of looking at" prepare all the gear and trust to your own good judgement. OH and have an expert standing by? that particular Stern gland was done in under the hour, that was two weeks ago and the bilge is still as dry as a bone (success)
My last job around the marina is to take a boat up from Fettlers Wharf to Scarisbrick  tomorrow but with this lovely weather it will be more like a mini cruise I should not really count that job as Work most people pay to do that.
Even though it has been very nice camping out on another boat its just like when on your holidays there is no bed like your bed no matter good the alternative accommodation is or how poor your own is there is nothing like your own and Noreen and I arr really looking forward to it
SO as from next week all communications will be coming from Buggerlugs I hope to get pictures of the new look Buggerlugs on the blog by next Thursday ish

All the above sounds very mundane and boring however it does't seem that way to us
look after yourselves

Big Al

Just a few items I painted for the shop whilst I had nothing else to do????????
All you boaters I take commissions