Wednesday, 26 December 2018

christmas afloat

Christmas on the Cut

Be it Narrow boat , Wide Beam, Tug or Cruiser we are all boaters together

If Moored in a marina, Canal Linear, or anchored in the bay they all give the same experience of Peace and Tranquillity. Its rather fitting that at this special time of year as the Canal communities come together to celebrate the Peace of Christmas.

I find that living on the water brings you closer to the natural world, the changing of the  seasons and the elements. It makes for a very interesting busy life. coal, gas, water, pump out, diesel it all mounts up and  Its all part of the wonderful tapestry  we have accepted to live. With the added pleasure of sharing it with other like minded people. So though this season of peace, friendship and good will to all men (and women)  seems so appropriate in such a Idyllic  situation as a BOATER.

Our Christmas season always starts with a community carol service, really organised by Radio Lancashire who have a programme of carols any group can take part be it Pub, church, club, cafe, all you do is register the group, they do the advertising print the carol sheets  etc its starts about 7 till 8 each location is mentioned and many are visited by roving reporters its a great night carols are sung to the music of the salvation Army band over the air waves   when the whole of Lancashire sing Christmas. Our venue for the last few years has been the Coffee shop Scarisbric Marina, who go all out with mulled Wine and mince pies with an open invitation to all boaters in the area, its a great time for exchanging gifts and cards and catching up on the tow path gossip.  It is also a good time for me as the local rep to make sure all our members are set for the onslaught of winter, also to see if I can help in anyway This has now become our prelude for all the Christmas festivities may it continue for years to come.

This is our 11th Christmas on the boat except for one year in Australia when we went to Australia to have Christmas on the beach which though interesting was not really  how I see Christmas it may be OK for those in the antipodes’ but not for me. I prefer Icy winds, frost clinging to the tress the crunching of grass under your feet  all making a magical winter wonderland and sitting on a cosy boat with a blazing log fire and a good G&T safe snug and very comfortable what else could one ask for

Christmas has actually now passed all presents dispatched  all visiting  done and all visitors gone home, all without any mishaps. Lots of boaters go away for the period and we get many visitors so the Marina does get quite busy with the comings and goings. Everyone has made an effort with the boat dressing and lights it really looks like a  fairy land Father Christmas was very pleased. From the main road it really does look a very Joyous place

You like me will have been asked a thousand times “why do you live on a boat ?” I find it a very difficult question to answer, I normally say you have to experience it first then you will know. However sharing this festive season together may go a long way to explaining the reason why

God bless you all may your God be with you.
Early morning frozen mist

Cedric emerging from the mist for Breakfast

all lit up

for Christmas

Frozen up

our pet Robin

only one day of snow but a heavy one