Friday, 31 October 2008

My lucky Day

How is it that since moving on to the Boat my life has become so lucky, Look at today; two of Norene's old school friends (I should not say old because they certainly do not look it) Marjory and Silvia came to collect Maurine, so I was obliged and delighted to spend the day with a bevy of beauties.
How better can this life get.

After 45 years of different life styles, ambitions, hopes and aspirations, here they still friend's, as if they had just stepped out of school. Its so good to see. Me however to have a class reunion I believe I would have to go to Strangways or Broadmoor. I had best apologise for that as one or two of my old school friends read this blog.

Here they are
The Class of 64

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

How about this for a tranquil winter scene

Taken today after the hail storm

How about this for a tranquil winter scene

Nice Day

Hi People

It is the end of October, the swallows have gone the geese are flying in formation to warmer climates, as we are only two or three miles from Martin Mere we get an awful lot of bird live.

Herbie has gone missing; he must be keeping himself warm in some little hovel somewhere.
But things here on Buggerlugs are stirring Noreen has the week off "half term" and we have a visitor Maureen, Now Maurine is very inquisitive and was desperate to see what it was like to travel on the boat, so at 09.30 this morning we slipped our mooring and set sail, within minutes we were in a hail storm, as that passed we were entertained by the winter sun flickering light through the trees and expressing its golden light along the waterway, highlighting the overhanging trees spreading a canape of gold along its banks, the reeds and rushes now faded and sad but still standing tall against the winter wind. Then it happened force ten wind, icy rain in my face, hands too cold to even hold the tiller, the strength of the wind making the boat uncontrollable and I wrapped up like a bloody Eskimo, I battled on against the weather, ignoring the pain the discomfort just to give my guests a day out. However the weather did improve and the trip was genuinely nice.
Maurine came to the boat traveling light, I am not sure what she thought she was coming too but in the pics Maurine is wearing My jeans, Jacket, jumper, and Hat, you can guarantee that when Mo is around you have a laugh
This time of year the canal is very quiet and except for the some children on a nature walk who decided I was a pirate and wanted to know why my beard had gone white, the teachers thought the question was worth answering, I told them I was frightened by a mouse and the shock sent it white. we saw nobody else it was so quiet and peaceful.
Must mention a "reet good do" last Sunday night we were invited to John Bambers 60th our thanks go to Dian and John for the do a great night was had catching up with old friends and helping to celebrate a goods friends 60th again great party, great food, great company.

I am off to hospital next week for my new knee they are operating on Nov 5th so you can make up your own mind about that.

Remember folks keep smiling

Monday, 20 October 2008

60th Birthday

Just to show that although we have moved onto a boat we have not lost our sophistication, well Noreen hasn't lost hers I never was known for my sophistication, I was once referred to as "a rather Brash chap" that's an officers way of saying, don't upset him. I digress. We still attend the odd charity function, Ball and posh do. This weekend we were at a 60th birthday party at the Imperial hotel Llandudno. Black tie do everyone looked very smart and very nice it was too. The birthday party was A 60th birthday for Noreen's long term friend of 55 years Maurine, they have been friends since they were 5 when they started school. I shall Now embarrass Maurine by saying she is the kindest, nicest, most flamboyant person I know, her generosity knows no bounds you have to know her to believe her. We also caught up with some old friends Tom who I started work with as a trainee manager for Fortes at Belle vue Manchester 1963, Geoff who I shared a Bus journey with from Blackpool to Manchester 1964, I remember beer was involved but remember very little else. I will also mention Marjorie and Silvia two beautiful ladies who are also Maurine and Noreen's school friends, I remember taking Marjorie home once on my Lambretta scooter I thought I was dead cool (Marjorie didn't) and many more friends who attended, all in all it was a very pleasant and interesting evening, However it got me to thinking how little we have changed over the past 45 years.
I think most have finished up were they set out to be all those years ago, and that made me remember this story. Hang on its a long one.

An American business man went to Mexico for a holiday, he was on the beach when he saw a fisherman selling some fish. he was curious to know how the fisherman controlled his life and asked how long does it take to catch this fish, Well the fisherman said some days I fish some days I do not, when I have caught enough fish to sell and feed my family I stop. I come home play with the children, go for a drink with my friends, play my guitar, go home have a sleep, make love to my wife, and when we need more money I catch more fish.
Well the American said if you fished more you would catch more fish and have more money,
Yes the fisherman said but what would I do then,
Well said the American you could buy another boat and have people working for you.
Yes said the fisherman but what would I do then?
Well said the American you could buy a processing plant and sell your fish all over the world
Yes said the Fisherman but what would I do then?
Well said the American you could take your family to America start a multinational company, have a mansion, have a huge office.
Yes said the fisherman but what would I do then.
Well said the American. you would have enough money to live on the beach.
Catch fish when you want, play with the children, drink with your friends, play your guitar, make love to your wive and sleep in the afternoon.


This is what you get in the winter months on a boat. I have far to much time to think.

sorry no pics but if anyone wants to put some on please do.

by Alan

Fish Fingers

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Fish Fingers

Right I have taken a long time over publishing this picture afraid of upsetting our Kid, it was taken the morning after he was taken to hospital, which was of course the day the competition should have started. I know its only supposition, but come on could I have lost, Keith recons its all hypothetical as the competition was canceled I will leave it to you, I have the fish all he has is a broken leg???????

I was told last week that this photo could sell Fish Fingers

Sorry it will not download onto this letter, catch it on separate photo

Titled Fish Fingers