Saturday, 29 April 2017



Yes yesterday morning we left the Pool after spending another packed week in Liverpool, We packed as much as we could into the week and had plenty of visitors which is always great I sometimes wonder if they come for us or just Noreen's Biscuits which ever its always great to them.
I have said it before but anyone with a boat should take a visit come on its free seven days free mooring with hook up (electric or as they say her "lecky" and there is so much to do and see what ever you want Liverpool has it having said all that I am Mancunian born and Bread and I really shouldn't be singing their praises But say it as you see it that's me.
Leaving yesterday at sparrow fart 07.30 as the CRT lads put you through the first lock at Mann Island at 08.00 it was damp, dismal, and bloody cold with no prospect of getting better. The trip out was very much uneventful However we did pass 9 boats on their way in I presume it was the Mersey Boat Club weekend/ bank holiday get together. Salthouse was very quiet when we arrived we only had four boats in the dock until Thursday when they started to arrive for the bank holiday.
We made the Ship inn in one day sail it took seven hours but it really is a lovely run I always wonder at the names of Kirby, Bootle, Magul thoughts come into your mind of very urban type settings but no it is some of the best country side in the UK and there is so much open space in these towns it is truly amazing Leaving the Ship this morning we headed for Burscough which took three hours only because of a fishing match Now I love my fishing But if I ever get that bloody miserable then shoot me what a load of miserable buggers they were I ask the first one what was the best side to go on? near bank far bank, I had that many complaints I said sod the lot of you and stuck the the general rule of the canal and went right down the middle, mind yo a wide beam that came towards didn't do much for angler/ Boater relations by getting that close to the bank he took out three keepnets  that to me was just very bad boat handling and he didn't even apologise. Cyclists. Anglers and Boaters we all use the cut and must find some way of sharing it. I know that trying to appease everyone isn't easy but the alternative isn't worth thinking about.
We are now in Burscough over the weekend we shall be doing so visiting, checking our mooring and so on hope to see all the kids over the bank holiday then its back to cruising  starting with the Wigan Flight about thurs.
Got mail today with the welcome return of my driving licence I had to get a new one as I'm 70 in July I thought I would get another ten year but I only got a three year one I wonder if know something I don't ?????

Speak Soon

God Bless

As I said dismal and damp but passing tall ships like that is still exciting

Crossing Albert Dock

Every type of boat is in there

The Liver birds in at  day break

You could get lost in here

Last stretch  lovingly known as SIDs DITCH  leading to Stanley Dock and the locks leading to the canal

Sunday, 23 April 2017


The cruise into Liverpool as usual was well worth the trip. we picked up our passengers Stanley top lock, ready for their trips down the locks, along Sids ditch then through Prince's dock Mann Island, Albert Dock and onto our moorings in Salthouse Dock. its a fantastic trip full of history, nostalgia and with the wind blowing at about 20 mph exciting, hair raising and bloody scary. However our passengers enjoyed it and were well impressed with the short but memorable cruise
As good hosts we escorted them back to their car that they had left at the side of the Titanic hotel in Stanley Lock what a beautiful hotel they have made  extensive use of the old Rum Bonding Warehouse even retaining the brick vaulted ceiling and eventually (when the redevelopment of the area is complete will look out across the dock onto the Tobacco Bonded warehouse that is the largest Brick built building in the world currently being redeveloped into apartments.
Last night we managed to get to mass in the Cathedral even though it was the crypt, being in the crypt all the ceiling are brick vaulted and behind the alter the ceiling is vaulted in a star burst. I would be greatly surprised if any brickies could do the same today, and to think they did that with out the age of technology.
Today we have decided to do a bus trip (using our well earned bus passes) not sure where yet but I will be letting you know
some pics  
God Bless

The Tobacco warehouse from the Titanic Coffee lounge

looking out over the Dock from our Boat

Liverpool RC cathedral known as the Wigwam
mass in the crypt magnificent ceiling

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Game is afoot

Hi Everyone

Well we are off We left Fettlers Wharf yesterday at Sparrow fart it was a cold and very dismal morning but we had hope in our heart and fresh air in our lungs
All was going very well until we arrived at lock 6 only to find that there was no water in the pound we then had to manage all the way to top lock coping by letting as much water down as we could
Only to be told on reaching top lock by a CRT person that it had been a bad winter for water and things were getting very dry WELL I have no idea what planet he was sent from but it wasn't one that contained Lancashire
Undeterred we all pressed on and made our first night stop at the Ship Inn just through Halsall what a nice pint of Boater's Bitter they do excellent made for a good nights sleep. Up at the crack again this morning as we wanted to be at bridge nine just outside Aintree by 13.00 as this is where the c
CRT guys take over for the assisted passage. This time we were lucky as two boats where on the outward journey so they allowed us to go through and moor on the secure moorings in Litherland
we leave here tomorrow to pick up Silvia and Alan and take them through which I can only describe as a wonderful experience. More about that tomorrow

God Bless All
Canal Turn Aintree

This duck must have been sired by every Drake on the canal her Brood was a magnificent 57 variety pack

The Ship Inn nice Little quiet pub until we arrived ??

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hi Everyone
Everything here is going according to plan though no one will tell me who's plan.
Noreen and I are almost ready for our 2017 cruise though at the moment we know no where
We do know that on the 18th April we set off for a week in Liverpool prior to heading north keep an eye on the blog that will I hope tell you where we are. trouble is these days getting ready to cruise is all the appointments you have to get through Dentist is done, podiatrist done, Diabetic clinic done just the doctor to give me six months prescription that's the hard one the above sounds though I'm on my last legs well far from it fighting fit, well as long as its a very short fight?
I have all my work done all orders have been completed all customers are satisfied yet I do have a lady coming Tue to collect a churn, she asked me before Christmas she was quite concerned and actually asked if I painted them for houses? I replied once you have paid you can send it to the moon. The lady actually wanted it to go outside here parents Bungalow she was also adamant that it was not to be "fancy" as I would do for a boat she also  stipulated exactly what she wanted on it, saved me worrying. I also completed the bow of a boat that I have been trying to do for months and Just could not get the weather but three good days last week and it was done. I did say on the last blog that I was going to do the Stern gland on our boat which I did but rather too well as when I had finished I tried to turn the shaft it was solid I thought just slackening of would do it  did but when I ran it in gear after an hour the shaft started to get warm so tomorrow its all off again stuffing out and start again I have to have this right I don't want it giving me trouble on the rivers.
I have heard so many conflicting reports about the weather for the coming summer and decided that no one knows they are all speculating so I am reverting back to my military training all you need is a stone and a piece of string, Tie the string to the Stone hang it outside the tent if it is wet then its raining, if its dry its not, if its moving its windy, if its not its calm EASY nothing complicated and fool proof . 
Cant wait to get out and start visiting The Marina is great and we have loads of friends here but Noreen and do get itchy feet.
Keep and eye open for us passing and on the blog in case we get near your location be nice to catch up

This is Churn to go OUTSIDE the Bungalow

Boat call Elysium if you see her give a wave they are new to Boating