Sunday, 5 March 2017

We are Back

Hi Buggerlug’ers

No we have not been captured by the ever present Canal Pirates of abducted by aliens. But we have had technical problems my trusted 12 year old laptop has given up the ghost it could no longer deal with advancing technology although like all old but experienced thinks it still has in uses and I have retained it services for storage, photo work, posters etc. So now I am working on a Microsoft mini laptop its ok but its being at school when teacher swaps you to another desk you seem to have left something behind whether it be inspiration or those equations carefully scratch into to desk lid  The main thing is we are BACK

Being the winter very little has been happening, though my daughter Maryanne would not think so as Maryanne and Steve presented us with a new grandson in December which made Christmas an even more joyous occasion.

The short winter days really deplete the amount of work I can get done though it does give time for planning making new designs, collecting and cutting Walking sticks laying them down for drying and preparing last years for shaping. I have also invested in a new scroll saw which is proving to be a great asset to the wood craft side of “Buggerlugs Canal Art”

Through the winter I am very fortunate that the marina trust me enough to keep me busy doing jobs, not of any technical quality more of a labouring quality. However  I really enjoy helping out, its great to feel wanted and being of some use.

Noreen of course is back into work at the Scarisbrick Coffee shop again she loves the getting out seeing and meeting  people, It maybe only a few days a week but with a new Grandchild its amazing how busy your life can become

I would recommend Retirement to everyone, as long as you remember that there are no holidays (with pay), weekends sick pay, bonus’s OR BOSSES TO ANNOY which I did enjoy!! Also because you are retired Everyone thinks you have nothing to do?? I have never been so busy in all my life.

We have now decided what we are doing this year regards our round Britain cruise Originally we were off to Bristol it seemed an average run for Buggerlugs  which would have been 727 miles 496 Locks 73 days but as we stop off quite a lot that would be more like 120 days.

To allow us to travel south from here on the far west of Lancashire there is only one way to travel south (other than crossing the river Mersey and we all know what a pain in the backside that can be) you have to travel down the Bridgwater canal but in there infinite wisdom Peel Holdings are closing the canal between March and June they say its for bridge repairs but we the boating comunitee know its to show that they own it, they can do what they, they do not give a monk’s  toss about Boaters or the people who work out a living or live on the waterway. It is a very political situation. SO now we have had the bad news we have had to rethink our trip. After Easter we are having a week or ten days in Liverpool its a great city and one that everyone should visit by boat, we are then traveling north by our only route which is the Leeds and Liverpool again heading for Leeds then on to Castleford ready to visit old friends and pick up the River Trent traveling south to Nottingham this trip will almost be a repeat of last year yet this time we will spend more time visiting places we missed last year such as Gainsborough, Leicester, Lincoln and Boston with many more I’m sure and on return we may even get to see Maryanne in Chester again we will just go where  destiny  takes us

Buggerlugs is looking good and almost ready for the trip I am just awaiting the for the weather to change as I need to fit two Solar Panels (trying a new system this year) and I still have to do a full service and repack the stern gland then she is ready to go

That's it people I do hope that you all haven’t given upon us and found better things to read than my driffle Now I am back on line I will try to keep up any body interested in my more excited views on Peel Holding and the closure of a canal.  email me as most are ore only for adult listening   

God Bless Everyone


Morning mist Spring is coming