Sunday, 23 April 2017


The cruise into Liverpool as usual was well worth the trip. we picked up our passengers Stanley top lock, ready for their trips down the locks, along Sids ditch then through Prince's dock Mann Island, Albert Dock and onto our moorings in Salthouse Dock. its a fantastic trip full of history, nostalgia and with the wind blowing at about 20 mph exciting, hair raising and bloody scary. However our passengers enjoyed it and were well impressed with the short but memorable cruise
As good hosts we escorted them back to their car that they had left at the side of the Titanic hotel in Stanley Lock what a beautiful hotel they have made  extensive use of the old Rum Bonding Warehouse even retaining the brick vaulted ceiling and eventually (when the redevelopment of the area is complete will look out across the dock onto the Tobacco Bonded warehouse that is the largest Brick built building in the world currently being redeveloped into apartments.
Last night we managed to get to mass in the Cathedral even though it was the crypt, being in the crypt all the ceiling are brick vaulted and behind the alter the ceiling is vaulted in a star burst. I would be greatly surprised if any brickies could do the same today, and to think they did that with out the age of technology.
Today we have decided to do a bus trip (using our well earned bus passes) not sure where yet but I will be letting you know
some pics  
God Bless

The Tobacco warehouse from the Titanic Coffee lounge

looking out over the Dock from our Boat

Liverpool RC cathedral known as the Wigwam
mass in the crypt magnificent ceiling

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Game is afoot

Hi Everyone

Well we are off We left Fettlers Wharf yesterday at Sparrow fart it was a cold and very dismal morning but we had hope in our heart and fresh air in our lungs
All was going very well until we arrived at lock 6 only to find that there was no water in the pound we then had to manage all the way to top lock coping by letting as much water down as we could
Only to be told on reaching top lock by a CRT person that it had been a bad winter for water and things were getting very dry WELL I have no idea what planet he was sent from but it wasn't one that contained Lancashire
Undeterred we all pressed on and made our first night stop at the Ship Inn just through Halsall what a nice pint of Boater's Bitter they do excellent made for a good nights sleep. Up at the crack again this morning as we wanted to be at bridge nine just outside Aintree by 13.00 as this is where the c
CRT guys take over for the assisted passage. This time we were lucky as two boats where on the outward journey so they allowed us to go through and moor on the secure moorings in Litherland
we leave here tomorrow to pick up Silvia and Alan and take them through which I can only describe as a wonderful experience. More about that tomorrow

God Bless All
Canal Turn Aintree

This duck must have been sired by every Drake on the canal her Brood was a magnificent 57 variety pack

The Ship Inn nice Little quiet pub until we arrived ??

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hi Everyone
Everything here is going according to plan though no one will tell me who's plan.
Noreen and I are almost ready for our 2017 cruise though at the moment we know no where
We do know that on the 18th April we set off for a week in Liverpool prior to heading north keep an eye on the blog that will I hope tell you where we are. trouble is these days getting ready to cruise is all the appointments you have to get through Dentist is done, podiatrist done, Diabetic clinic done just the doctor to give me six months prescription that's the hard one the above sounds though I'm on my last legs well far from it fighting fit, well as long as its a very short fight?
I have all my work done all orders have been completed all customers are satisfied yet I do have a lady coming Tue to collect a churn, she asked me before Christmas she was quite concerned and actually asked if I painted them for houses? I replied once you have paid you can send it to the moon. The lady actually wanted it to go outside here parents Bungalow she was also adamant that it was not to be "fancy" as I would do for a boat she also  stipulated exactly what she wanted on it, saved me worrying. I also completed the bow of a boat that I have been trying to do for months and Just could not get the weather but three good days last week and it was done. I did say on the last blog that I was going to do the Stern gland on our boat which I did but rather too well as when I had finished I tried to turn the shaft it was solid I thought just slackening of would do it  did but when I ran it in gear after an hour the shaft started to get warm so tomorrow its all off again stuffing out and start again I have to have this right I don't want it giving me trouble on the rivers.
I have heard so many conflicting reports about the weather for the coming summer and decided that no one knows they are all speculating so I am reverting back to my military training all you need is a stone and a piece of string, Tie the string to the Stone hang it outside the tent if it is wet then its raining, if its dry its not, if its moving its windy, if its not its calm EASY nothing complicated and fool proof . 
Cant wait to get out and start visiting The Marina is great and we have loads of friends here but Noreen and do get itchy feet.
Keep and eye open for us passing and on the blog in case we get near your location be nice to catch up

This is Churn to go OUTSIDE the Bungalow

Boat call Elysium if you see her give a wave they are new to Boating


Sunday, 5 March 2017

We are Back

Hi Buggerlug’ers

No we have not been captured by the ever present Canal Pirates of abducted by aliens. But we have had technical problems my trusted 12 year old laptop has given up the ghost it could no longer deal with advancing technology although like all old but experienced thinks it still has in uses and I have retained it services for storage, photo work, posters etc. So now I am working on a Microsoft mini laptop its ok but its being at school when teacher swaps you to another desk you seem to have left something behind whether it be inspiration or those equations carefully scratch into to desk lid  The main thing is we are BACK

Being the winter very little has been happening, though my daughter Maryanne would not think so as Maryanne and Steve presented us with a new grandson in December which made Christmas an even more joyous occasion.

The short winter days really deplete the amount of work I can get done though it does give time for planning making new designs, collecting and cutting Walking sticks laying them down for drying and preparing last years for shaping. I have also invested in a new scroll saw which is proving to be a great asset to the wood craft side of “Buggerlugs Canal Art”

Through the winter I am very fortunate that the marina trust me enough to keep me busy doing jobs, not of any technical quality more of a labouring quality. However  I really enjoy helping out, its great to feel wanted and being of some use.

Noreen of course is back into work at the Scarisbrick Coffee shop again she loves the getting out seeing and meeting  people, It maybe only a few days a week but with a new Grandchild its amazing how busy your life can become

I would recommend Retirement to everyone, as long as you remember that there are no holidays (with pay), weekends sick pay, bonus’s OR BOSSES TO ANNOY which I did enjoy!! Also because you are retired Everyone thinks you have nothing to do?? I have never been so busy in all my life.

We have now decided what we are doing this year regards our round Britain cruise Originally we were off to Bristol it seemed an average run for Buggerlugs  which would have been 727 miles 496 Locks 73 days but as we stop off quite a lot that would be more like 120 days.

To allow us to travel south from here on the far west of Lancashire there is only one way to travel south (other than crossing the river Mersey and we all know what a pain in the backside that can be) you have to travel down the Bridgwater canal but in there infinite wisdom Peel Holdings are closing the canal between March and June they say its for bridge repairs but we the boating comunitee know its to show that they own it, they can do what they, they do not give a monk’s  toss about Boaters or the people who work out a living or live on the waterway. It is a very political situation. SO now we have had the bad news we have had to rethink our trip. After Easter we are having a week or ten days in Liverpool its a great city and one that everyone should visit by boat, we are then traveling north by our only route which is the Leeds and Liverpool again heading for Leeds then on to Castleford ready to visit old friends and pick up the River Trent traveling south to Nottingham this trip will almost be a repeat of last year yet this time we will spend more time visiting places we missed last year such as Gainsborough, Leicester, Lincoln and Boston with many more I’m sure and on return we may even get to see Maryanne in Chester again we will just go where  destiny  takes us

Buggerlugs is looking good and almost ready for the trip I am just awaiting the for the weather to change as I need to fit two Solar Panels (trying a new system this year) and I still have to do a full service and repack the stern gland then she is ready to go

That's it people I do hope that you all haven’t given upon us and found better things to read than my driffle Now I am back on line I will try to keep up any body interested in my more excited views on Peel Holding and the closure of a canal.  email me as most are ore only for adult listening   

God Bless Everyone


Morning mist Spring is coming

Sunday, 2 October 2016

more pics

just a few mor pics

Inspecting the boats on parade

I love the elephants 

This is why I never appear on photographs

What a great week I have had one of those weeks were you realise what life is about
Monday , Tues and Wed we were baby sitting Pippa our Granddaughter Monday was just mucking
about in the garden hunting for Squirrels .Tue was off to Chester Zoo only 20 mins away what a great
day even though more time was spent watching the local Ducks that the more exotic animal though
she was very interested in the monkies and wondered Why she could not go play with them
Weds it we set off for Rhos between Colwyn and Llandudno except for the wind which blew her
bucket and spade away, but after a 200yard dash down the beach I managed to retrieve it before it
finnished up in Belfast. We had a fantastic three days without spending a fortune. On air fares,
hotels and dinning out, One of life’s greatest pleasures is watching young people grow especially
when they are your own
Friday I always collect Thomas from school. Now our old village were Thomas now lives has a pub
that has been bought by the village and is now a community pub and open for coffee etc Now it has
become a tradition that lots of the children drag their parents in on the way home from school for a
quick half ??? Thomas and I go in milk shake and coffee and a game of dominoes, we sit like two old
codgers talking over the weeks events we don’t discus Politics or Religion but everything else. You
can learn an awful lot chatting over a game of Doms.
When I first started courting (now there is a word not used today) I was 16 Noreens mum and dad
where heavily involved in Scouting and spent most weekends at Middlewood scout campsite
Worsley Manchester so to actually see Noreen at a weekend I became involved in scouting and after
50 years still am. Mini and Tom (Noreen’s parents) they were always high up in the echelon of
scouting Tom being the District commissioner at one time so it was obvious that our children would
have lots of camping holidays at Middlewood even when I was serving when ever we could we
would join them there. Only going back 10 years Tom and I were running competitions there and still
instructing so the place had great sentimental value to us. I say had because today was the last day
as the site of a few hundred acres has been handed back to Peel holding who have swapped it for a
new purpose built site only a mile away. Which will enable more young people with the experience
of outdoor pursuit’s and the comradeship of sharing and living together as a team.
As a family today we all met up there and enjoyed one of the best afternoons ever just walking
through those wood, the lake and the Island tell the grand children what their parents got up to and
parents telling what their grandparents got up to. Laughter rang through the tree tops splashing in
the mud climbing trees collecting acorns, fir cones and conkers what a great day.
We are blessed with children and grandchildren who would prefer a muddy puddle to a computer,
finding laughter in a muddle puddle, beauty in an acorn, they the difference between ash, oak,
sycamore, scots pine and fir trees, navigate without a compass, cook on an open fire and make there
own basher.
I am not making them out to be anything special they are just ordinary, its just that as a parent you
have to teach them something, and other than cooking that’s all I know?? its also something that
they all enjoy even today in a life with all its diversions they can still get away and enjoy what God as
bestowed upon us for Free
This country of ours has some of the most versatile countryside in the world 90% of it is free to visit
and enjoy. Who ever wrote the getting back to nature calms the mind knew what they were talking
Waking up this morning the Marina as still as a mill pond, mist rising through a rising sun creeping through the trees, My favorite Moor hen knocking on the hull for its breakfast (no bread its bad for water foul Cornflakes are better) then in chursh this morning the children joined us up in the choir I say us thats three of us I dont sing I play. the kids give 100% they think the are x factor and have no inhibitions so they just let rip what a wonderful sound. I cannot read music I play be ear and sometimes use my fingers. on my guitar I have a sign which says "I dont understand music but I love the noise it makes and the noise this morning was certainly made in heaven
So tahst my day folks
sorry to bore you but I have no news on the boating side and I did say I would continue writing
God Bless
The gang at Middlewood Scout Camp

Friday, 9 September 2016

Back Home

Hi Everyone
We are back in our home Mooring at Fettlers Wharf in Rufford. Its a great feelng when you come through the canal entrance into the Marina its like coming home so welcoming.
This years little cruise was great having visited places we had not visited before by boat and we met so many interesting people I even met a lady that was born in the house My Mum and dad lived in, two people from my old school, and one I swerved with plus the odd balls and eccentrics that the canal throws up but without whom the canal would not be the same
Breathtaking scenery, Bountiful nature, Glorious weather, Marvellous people, Tranquil peaceful days  what more can you ask for it is most honestly living the dream
BUT now we are back its all hands to the pumps we have spent two days punning the garden back together having had 6 months to run wild but its looking good now

This is the Log from Buggerlugs

Canal Miles               507
River Miles                  37
Tidal River Miles         44
Total Miles              588
Locks                        257
Canals                           9
Tidal Rivers                   1
Rivers                           4
Swing Bridges              80
Tunnels                           7

Yes  that was some cruise
I will keep the blog going maybe for my own benefit I can use it as a book one day??????

God Bless everyone

Back in our home (the garden is hiding behind the trees )