Wednesday, 20 June 2018

What a Day


Well as the title says what a day, It all started quite normal with a  good 07.45 start a quick cruise to the first locks that are about a mile from the main section of the Hatten flight what normally happens is you hang around until another boat arrives then you go together as I said yesterday it saves water and lightens the load. as we arrived at the bottom lock we were caught up by a young guy who asked if he could go along with us, he also said he had never done locks before and he was single handed. Well I must admit Noreen and I were not excited about doing the flight with a rooky as they are hard enough with experience crew But everyone has to learn and as far as locks are concerned you couldn't get a better teacher than Noreen things went fairly well for the first lock but it was very slow I offered to butty the two boats and take them through leaving him free to do the locks with Noreen. This he declined as he wanted the experience which we both agreed he deeded on the forth lock out of 22 he decides to inform us he is only going to lock 5 Noreen took it in her stride I hit the roof and explained that he should have informed us of that fact at lock 1 then we could have waited for a boat going the whole way Now we have to do the rest all 18 of them on our own thereby wasting water and doubling our work load. Anyway we parted having taught him the etiquette of locking. now the first five took 75 mins making about 15min a lock the next 18 we averaged 9 min a lock  but at top lock there is a little cafe where we had to get lunch and a brew but we were very proud of ourselves Now we at a few miles further on watching  Holby City
We have also managed to get a birth in a marina whilst we go back home where we are needed. It just so happens to be the same boat yard that Noreen stayed at when I was in Hospital in Birmingham quite Bizzar really Buggerlugs always ends up there in a crisis However they are great people and have remained friends ever since Noreen's enforced stay I have course remember nothing about that stay the first 10 days I was in a comma you should try that best sleep I have ever had it should be given free on the NHS ???
All things considered we should be in there by Sat Morning

The horrifying view of the Hatten flight from half way point

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Visit to Warwick


We have treated  ourselves to a couple of days off here in Warwick we stayed here a few years go when Noreen broke her wrist and we really enjoyed the place.  anyway this enforced stay has been just as good, I say enforced as we got here yesterday needing a pump out and diesel. We carry a couple of maps they are not for explaining where we are but they have got all the pubs marked, the places where you can get water, fuel, gas and pump outs but mainly used for finding good food,
We decided to fill up with diesel and a pump out here in Warwick as we know the two boat yards but on arrival Delta Boatyard who build excellent boats now do not sell fuel or do pump outs however Kate boats continue to do P.Os but do not sell fuel. Now as in the nxt two days from leaving here we have a flight of 21 locks the Hatten flight and then the Kingswood flight of 19 making 40 in two days I didn't want to tackle these with only have a tank of fuel you can suck up dregs from the bottom of the tank and that causes all sorts of problems. Noreen remembered that a mile behind us there is a large Tesco and that meant a fore court with fuel.  We turned around and went in search of fuel I made two trips to the garage carrying 20 Lts at a time I had forgotten just how heavy a full Jerry can is anyway I put on 40lts and feel better for it
So now tomorrow we make the Hatten flight as these are wide locks (two narrow in one lock)   we will  hopefully pick up a another boat who are heading our way a we can share the work.
Then on Thurs we will turn off the Grand Union and start on the   Stratford -on- Avon canal taking us towards Birmingham
Now you know as much about our next couple of days as I do But this is Boating and anything can happen
 Stay Good
God Bless

Nicholas Gardens

beautiful kiddies pool

The Gardens are really well kept

St Mary's

St Mary's

St Mary's

St Mary's

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Royal Leamington Spar

Hi Everyone

Today we made it to Leamington Spar maybe some of you are saying to yourselves that I'm going in the wrong way well yes you are right. We have turned round and we are now on our return journey
We have a problem with in the family and Noreen needs to be there the problem will occur in the next two weeks or so we will have to leave Buggerlugs in a marina whilst we nip home for a few days and any further south would have made it difficult and expensive.
So we are now making our way back, not the same route as the outward but this time via Birmingham as there are friends to see on the way back
Now that's out of the way Royal Leamington Spa is a dump beautiful buildings and a fantastic park  but the town is so so run down it was almost depressing to walk round it
Tomorrow we hit Warwick a place we know quite well so we are looking forward to that

Speak soon

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Off the Oxford canal

Hi you will all be glad to know we left the Oxford Canal early this morning in fact by 12.30 we had done 18 miles and 14 locks but the most rewarding part was at 07.45 turning west at the Napton Junction off the Oxford and onto a wide the canal we are now on the Grand Union Canal we will now be passing through Royal Leamington Spar, Warwick  then towards Kings Norton were I hope to call in and say hello to the people who looked after Noreen and the boat while I was in the Queen Elizabeth after my little accident.
The weather has been very kind to us, we had to get our wet gear on this morning but that was soon over it only lasted 45min but it gave the coats an airing bad new though for last night I couldn't get any telle Noreen was not impressed. But to be honest the only thing on is that very silly game where 22 men kick a ball around a field some have the ability to dive on the ground then go into a kind of act of being terribly injured and upset, whilst others procrastinate with a man in black (maybe he is the undertaker for the severely injured player, after the allotted time of 90mins they all start kissing each other, Anyway its a game I do not like and cannot understand why its on? unless everyone wants to see the actors and see how the perform either Shakespearian or Method either way I'm not watching Does anyone know how long this farce in on for???
We passed a field yesterday morning I thought we were on the Serengeti a large heard of huge Buffalo the last time I saw one that close was in Kenya just before it turned a mini over the two lieutenants sitting were not best please but what else do you expect blowing your horn at it to get out of the way with that in mind I cruised past very quietly (we!l! I don't know if they are good swimmers)    
Todays is my Brother Colin's 70th Birthday Kieth is catching us up he has always be good with his patience but he will get there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR KID.

Tomorrow we are off to Royal Leamington Spar

Keep Reading

Moored up yesterday and this Honey Fungi was growing around a tree it
looked very pretty

 Who would believe it
they looked very relaxed and acted as they owned the place like most people with a passport

Napton on the hill what a lovely name for a village

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Old River Thames ??

Hi Everyone
On Sunday morning we left Oxford behind joining what I believe to be the River Isis though the signs say the Thames.  Isis or Thames it is the most beautiful piece of river its quite wide and flows with a gentle but forceful flow strong enough to remind you that it is a river and gentle enough to allow you time to enjoy the ride. The first quarter mile is very urban passing under the mail railway then turning past Bosom boatyard here the river opens up to about 180ft wide along oxford common as it was early Sunday morning the church bells were peeling it was like a scene out of the Archers so very very English. this gentle glide up a very gentle river seemed to wash away all the bad things about the Oxford canal into insignificance.
I will not attempt to describe the pure joy of that mornings cruise my command of the English language would not do it justice, you would have to be there to enjoy it as I did

But do enjoy the pis
God Bless

River starts to Open up

A little turbulence from a side weir  

passing the boat yard

Quite a dull morning so pics are quite poor

Their is always traffic wherever you go

many sights to check out

just a nice shot of Buggerlugs