Friday, 15 March 2013

Hi Folks

            We are here again        I now intend to start writing my blog again, its extremely difficult when very little is happening and other people have so much interesting things to say. I must say though that whilst I have not been writing my blog I have been raging a one man campaign against this Imbecilic Government  that seem to think themselves above and beyond the Law and general Morality. I intend to write to every single one of them expressing my contempt for all of them. I found it a very easy process. I go on line and see what lies and idiotic plans each one comes up with. Then I correspond with them giving them in a clear precise and logical reasoning why 90% of the general public considers then Bone Heads. They just do not relate to the real world. Anyway that’s how I spend the evening when I am not painting or at meetings.
Since my webpage was launched I have been rather busy I am not going to become a millionaire but it pays for the expensive paints I have to use, Breaking news is that on Tues 19th I am doing a Painting workshop at Scarisbrick Marina, the coffee shop, I will be there most of the day so pop in have a brew a chat everyone is welcome, anything ordered on Tue will be ready before I start this years cruise.
Before we go out this year I have decided to make Buggerlugs legal and have applied for a trading licence, Its not as bad as I thought and in reality its not much more that the ordinary licence, it now means that I can set up shop legally.
I have doing quite well with the Celtic art I know its not traditional but People do seem to like it I do not do a lot but it breaks up the stall display

Sorry I can not stand it up????????

My shed has come into its own in the last month the weather has been so unpredictable I need a minimum of three hours dry when spraying so now I have the advantage of beating the weather
Talking of this years cruise, as a precaution I contacted Anglia water authority  just to see what licences I would require if any WELL its going to cost us £197 for a 30 day licence, that will cover the River Nene, Great Ouse, River Cam and river and the Old West. I find it absurd that I pay £2.35 (with my early payment discount ) a day for my licence. And then because I want to travel on a river outside the remit of The Canal River Trust they want £6.56 a day off me WHY do they not want us foreigners on their rivers I would hate to live down there that would make my annual licence £2394.00 I have no idea about early payment discount. Anyway after great deliberation we have decided to bite the bullet and go, even though they cannot guarantee enough water to sail in It will be a one off we will not be going again ????????      

Just a quick one here I had to take Noreen to Hospital yesterday morning as she had great difficulty in standing up, I know what your saying “tell her to take more water with it” No even I was worried  she couldn’t walk in a straight line really dizzy Southport General were great they did a good job (but how many times do you have to repeat your date of birth ???? Noreen had all the relevant blood tests (we now know her Heart, Kidney, Liver and Pancreas are all doing well, as she banged her head the day before they even did a full scan all clear after about 6 doctors they decided that she had a bad case of  “Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo” anyway the out out come is Noreen has Vertigo they gave her an injection and tablets today she is fine
And the prognosis is if it comes back take the pills. Luckily you do get warnings when it is coming on so she can still do the locks (Well you don’t think I am doing them!)  So in the true tradition of this family 24 hours sympathy is all you get ???
Noreen’s Dad had another fall last week he’s 90 and he only got 36 hours in a hospital bed no one can blame us for being a drain on the NHS.

Life at the moment is really good everything is going to Gods plan (not mine but he seems to know best) 

Well folks that’s your lot
Wherever this year takes you, may you find happiness along the way.

Stay Good
God Bless
Big Al