Wednesday, 28 May 2014

As nobody is reading the bloody blog I am going to give it a rest for a while. Maybe I will start writing more letters to the House of Commons and my MP
But you never know I may find something Funny or really exciting to write about. I admit the only thing I have to write about is Hospital appointments

Keep an eye open

Big Al

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I am extremely Bored..
Things with the hospital are now starting to drag on a bit too long, maybe they are trying their best for me but seriously I have places to go, people to see, I cannot be held around waiting hospital appointments, But in the mean time I suppose I have no option but to await either a quick op or better still the all clear so I can get on with life then Noreen and I can get away from the Marina and do some cruising.
Noreen, is that bored she has managed to get her job back only 2/3 days a week but at least she has got a purpose, though I have picked up two commission jobs only small but as Noreen is keeping a very close eye on my activities then I cannot take too much on??? So We are managing to not fall over each other
I thought I would be able to help Phil with the trip boat, But last week some kind soul torched the one we use belonging to Burscough Boats and the other trip boat. Burscough and the wharf have been targeted recently not just boats but other property including the Mill. The boat is hoped to be back in the water next month after its unscheduled refit I just hope we are out by then  
My brother came over last week as usual we had a few good days fishing, he has developed a new style of fishing which entails a small stick with line and hook and fishing between the boat and the jetty between the tyres, I never thought it possible but he managed to catch two perch. I think he may have started a new trend of catching fish in the most unlikely place’s.
That’s your lot I just thought that even though we are not cruising I would let you know what's happening.

Cheers for now


The lengths some people go too to catch a bloody fish 
(or to get one up on me) 
the little stick is the rod??????