Sunday, 4 March 2012

Technology and Me

Hi Everyone

Is it me or are we loosing it, As my mobile phone is on contract, I was contacted by Orange saying I was due an upgrade and would I like to call in . As I am quite happy with my tariffs and phone though it is looking well worn I thought to leave it. However I was in town and though why not ??? I explained that I was perfectly happy with the phone and that it was perfect as a PHONE and would like one very similar, I then got the supercilious look from a sales man(boy)
The look that says you are over 60 and thick, Sorry sir they don’t make them like that anymore they have been replaced by these, I am then shown an array of phones and an explanation of what they do. I did try to explain that I did not require a mini lap top. Nor do I require to be shown where I am (yet) I normally know, and if I don’t I can read and have the power and politeness to ask. I do not need to know how many emails are awaiting a reply. Or Play music that only annoys everyone in earshot, watch films or sport whilst I am, well doing something else . I am not a technophobe I am just perfectly happy doing one thing at a time. As the young man had no definitive answers to why I would or should need these Apps he was now looking very depressed and confused ( I now know what they an Apps is ) he was even more worried that the type I wanted he did not have. Noreen was now taking me to one side and saying “just put the bloody phone back in your pocket and lets go!” I was not for budging, if I am on contract and ours is due for upgrade I want a upgrade we are paying for it . After nearly 1 ½ hours the by now knackered and considering suicide young man had a eureka moment and came out of his stock room with what he thought was the ideal one for me? I still wasn’t convinced as it is a touch screen phone, it will do all of the above you can even phone people on it! I suggested that as I was not going to require the Extras sorry Apps and it was their request I change my phone also it was not my fault that he could not replace like for like I should at least have a little discount on my contract. I could see now I had won he even turned off the bloody background music, even with his explanation that I was walking out with one of the most expensive phone in the shop. I repeated the fact that it was not as friendly as my OLD one. We did reach a very amicable agreement on my side anyway . Having shaken hands and left the shop in a very jubilant mode I met Noreen who had crossed the road to the coffee shop in disgust and embarrassment .

We have now had it three days and can even answer the thing now I have also managed to delete 99% of the Apps as the battery was only lasting 20 hrs. Enough I am sure that by now you have got the gist. Why has everything that is suppose to improve our lives complicates it even more????????????????

My real point is this |: there as more of us than them so why should we be forced to accept something that we do not want, need or otherwise ever use. I realise that its a changing world and I embrace change but why throw the baby out with the bath water. So if we do have to accept technology lets make sure its on our terms lets face it the sales people in these shops are no match for us of a certain age who have been around the block a few times


My contract has been reduced by £15 a month that’s on my dongle and my phone ????????????

For those interested in the boating side things are going well, since last years accident I am not as mobile as I was, but I am managing; things just take a little longer. I have yet to service the engine, Change the batteries, paint the Roof, Gunnel and do some blacking then ready for the off.
We are assisting with the marinas exhibition at the Crick show so if anyone wants to catch us we will be there Sun Mon Tue I believe I will be doing my painting the itinerary is vaguely After Easter setting off for the LLangolan taking people over the Pontycsyttl? then down the Montgomery we will then hand over the boat to Matthew for the bank Holiday whilst we drive to Crick yes I said drive return from Crick, boat over to the Weaver to meet my brother for a weeks fishing then pick up Noreen's sister Mary she is over from Australia for their dads 90th birthday in July the rest you will just have to stay following the  Blog.  But as you can see its quite full though as the south may be short of water again we are staying away from the south anyway tried south of Birmingham twice first time Noreen broke her wrist second time I broke everything else. so we are staying were its safe. ish??

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