Sunday, 19 January 2014

Traveling without the Boat 
seems quite strange

We are back from our little break celebrating Noreen’s Big Birtyhday in Prague .
The flight was nice, This was our first time on a short haul “cheap flight” I must admit hearing some of the terrible tales on Tele I was expecting something awful but we were pleasantly surprise, OK it was extra for the baggage but we were told exactly how much and nothing came as a surprise (no Hidden Extra’s) everything with the air travel was really on the ball, except for arriving back in Manchester; where on touch down the pilot managed to get lost and parked in the wrong place??? This meant a 20 min delay whilst they summoned up busses to transport a plane load of weary travellers’ back to the correct terminal where we were hoping our baggage would be IT WAS.
I have been in many cities throughout this wonderful world we live on, not a lot I would return to but Prague is one that I would. It is steeped in so much history. The city is on both sides of the River Vitava. As you walk around the city you notice the multi layers of occupation and influence the Roman Empire, the Hapsburg empire then lots of others until you get to the Nazi and then the Communist Now the Czech republic is a thriving state again under its own rule, Every corner you turn has its own spectre of Roman, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance , Rocco, Art Nouveau, even Cubism its an architects wonder-world.  We really wanted to see the churches which there are hundreds. Though now very few Czechs go to church, however the ones we did get into were more spectacular and ornate than in Malta so you can imagine just how stunning they are, Mass is only practiced in a few most are used by the state as theatre and places of classical music At least they have found a use for them and not demolished them.  All that makes Prague well worth a visit The history plus the fact that two can dine out for £25.00 (as long as you go local) that three courses beer and Coffee. We always eat with the locals and Prague is a great place for doing just that, the food is plentiful and they just love meat I was in seventh heaven. At first I thought what a miserable load of buggers they are, in shops they a very dower and say very little, people on trams are very quiet BUT! From 6.00pm when they finish  work and get in the pub they go mad everyone speaks English and want you to join in the revelries.????? We walked everywhere its so easy the main places to visit are all within 3.5 sqa miles the tram system is very very good. 
That’s enough of the Travel log. Now we are back in the swing of things on Buggerlugs pump out today in gale force winds I had to take two attempts at getting away from the mooring but made it eventually! Now the car needs tender loving hands the front suspension is playing up looks like another £350, I am looking for a job to pay for all this rash spending.
Now that we have got the little excursion out of the way we can concentrate all our efforts into getting buggerlugs ship shape for the next episode of travel 

God Bless 

Beautiful red roofs of Prague 

Noreen feeling the cold on Charles Bridge

Two of the many tremendous Bronze Plaques 
depicting the life of the river

Charming Prague by night 

Two weary walkers looking down on what we have just walk UP
Just an enchanting place to go