Thursday, 29 April 2010

We are Off

Hi Everyone

Well we are now well on our way to Oxford on this years jaunt. I have not really a lot to say so this time I thought I would just do a diary of the week’s events

Preparing the boat for the trip the weather was great so we set to and gave Buggerlugs a real good polish one thing I like is things to look “propa” and ship shape,
Les one of the handymen at the marina came over and helped me cut a hole in the floor under the bed we were then managed to take another 100 kg of ballast out with that go Noreen is able to another 100kg of clothes in the wardrobe? Went to see Thomas and finish the shopping, on the way back remembered just in time to nip to the doctors for a 5-month prescription, unfortunately the chemist did not have half the tablets so Noreen has to come back to Blackburn tomorrow.
Noreen off to Blackburn I stayed and stowed what I considered all the tools I would need on journey but as Roger will know you never stow the one you need. Noreen received an emergency call from school staying that there is to be an emergency Governors meeting tonight. She is calling in and casting her vote this afternoon
Noreen arrived back after lunch so I took the car to the back secure car park and prepared the car for a lay up
Today dawned with a wonderful sun rise and God save the Queen playing on the radio as today is the Queens Birthday. We hurried around the Marina saying our good byes and cast off Just as we passed the entrance we saw Chris & Jerry filling up with diesel, they shouted that they too were off to Manchester so we joined forces and left the marina in convoy playing God Save the Queen. We made our first stop over at Dean Lock just under the M6 motorway and had our fist G&T of the trip.
We again awoke to a glorious sunrise all except Chris she has a problem with her pillow that is she has difficulty getting her head off it. The trip from Dean Lock to Leigh our second overnight stop was very uneventful though it was a glorious day and guess what I burnt my nose. In Leigh Andy and Sue visited us, Sue came to collect a bucket that I had painted for their new boat and Andy gave me a Fuel filter I suppose that was a fair swap? Jerry and Chris joined us for pre dinners so it turned into another impromptu “good do”
But no food
Yet! Another nice day and a very easy sail into the centre of Manchester as today is St George’s day we sailed into the basin at Castlefeilds with St George flags and butting bedecking the boat and Land of hope and Glory playing as loud as I could make it
( I do like to emphasise the point of my nationality) Friday evening Lal and Chis joined us, as we had to pass on here present, as she is, 40 soon (cannot believe it but so is Mat in June)

We said good-bye to Jerry and Chris as they are staying in the northern metropolis for a few more days and we set off for Dads arrived about five and to our astonishment, he had booked a table at Decker’s very nice it was to
Taxi to church and back with Dad, Now Dad was suppose to be coming with us for a few days however he has declined because the weather looks like breaking and he has a bad knee and it would mean him being confined to the boat, we were suppose to leave this afternoon however Mat Lorraine and Thomas have arrived so we are not going anywhere until tomorrow.

Right that is a week on Buggerlugs we are hoping that things will slow down a bit now and try to get some order into the routine.

Sorry no pics the download is too slow

Keep well
Keep smiling
Keep true

All our love

this is late being posted as it is now Thurs I have had trouble getting on line.

hope some more over the weekend from the River Weaver

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Maryanne & Greggs Open Day

To celebrate moving into the new house Maryanne and Gregg layed on a fantastic open day,
All the families came making about thirty in total. Maryanne took no chances with the weather and asked everyone who knew how to pray to pray for good weather and her prayers were answered, it started off a bit grey but after a few more hail Mary's the sun came out and it remained that way.
The food was fantastic with a around the world theme to it, With Mexican chilli, american Chocolate cake, Japanese Sushi, and good old Lancashire spud pie.
Everyone had a great time with lots of games and activities for the kids but by kids I meen everyone there under the age of 90. The cricket was somwhat over managed with rule changes with every over or under as the case maybe
Everyone had a great day and I wish to thank M&G for a great day

The new Place

Thomas over the Jumps

Maryanne trying to outrun the ball

Ella showing how the girls do it

Don't Ask

Good crowd

Parachute Game

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Fish sculpture Southport

Noreen and Elliot

Noreen Tom and Shirley

Tom on top of the Great Orm Llandudno

Hi All
Easter is over and everyone is back at work so now with the good weather we can concentrate on painting the boat,
We had lots of visitors over the holiday period, Elliot was here for a couple days we managed to make a set of rope ladders "for getting people out of the canal" he managed to chop a load of firewood, so in return we all had a day out in Southport it was a bit breezy but very invigorating along the pier. Then Thomas came like a tornado he has now learnt how to start the engine so I have to use the isolator when he is on board I swear if he could see over top he would have us down the canal before we could blink.
We also had a great day out the the other Thomas Noreen's dad we all went to Llandudno again a very nice day with wall to wall sunshine, we went up on top of the Great Orm were for the first time ever we were able to stand up without being blown away. We are now ready to finish it all off with a house warming open day at Maryanne.s on Sunday which I am sure will be a great occasion
Counting the days now to cast off keep watching the blog we may be passing your way very soon

Big Al

Monday, 5 April 2010

Well Easter is over.

I really like Easter I like the idea of a new beginning a new start. Ours started with visiting Maryanne and Greg down in Wales which was very nice it is the first time we have seen the new house with furniture in, Though it is very big they have made it look very nice and cosy.

We had a job finding it because the sat nav finds the post code which is at least 4 miles away

and the lane Mayryanne lives on hasn't even got a name

Saturday was vigil Mass of course and then onto Sunday that was filled with Egg hunts laughing children and great food as was today just a continuation of the same but different location.

Today it was our turn and we managed again to fill the boat.

The weather must change soon as I have so much painting to do and time is running out, I don't want to go out on the water looking scruffy that would never do. I am quite fastidious about having a clean polished boat looking ship shape, though I have young Elliot here for a few days he has volunteered to do all the brasses and other polishing that will be a big help.

Egg and spoon Race

Thomas starting the race

Peace and Quiet at last