Sunday, 8 June 2014

A canal-side Pub back with us Boaters

I know my last blog said that would be the last for some time BUT hey I never could keep my mouth shut.
At last I have my hospital appointments and If! everything goes according to plan then I should be sailing by mid July. Today we caught up with Kath and John they were in Middlewich, As we were in Manchester it was only a quit trip over It was great to catch up with them I even got to work a lock and moor up Oh that felt so good to be sailing again.
Now for all the boaters who read this dribble. We all went to lunch We actually went in the Kings Lock Inn now I know Its had a bad name but what a transformation I have just put these comments on a review site
"We are boaters and have been passing through Middlewich for the past 10 years for the last few years we have by-passed the kings lock inn but today we went in. What a wonderful transformation. It is what it says it is A British pub British Ale some really good cask Ales and British food all bound together with friendly British service. What a very pleasant lunch No loud music No TV just good honest hospitality. such a refreshing change. We will certainly be stopping off again." Just thought you all should know that we have got another canal-side pub Back Now isnt that something to write about

Speak soon
Big Al