Friday, 9 September 2016

Back Home

Hi Everyone
We are back in our home Mooring at Fettlers Wharf in Rufford. Its a great feelng when you come through the canal entrance into the Marina its like coming home so welcoming.
This years little cruise was great having visited places we had not visited before by boat and we met so many interesting people I even met a lady that was born in the house My Mum and dad lived in, two people from my old school, and one I swerved with plus the odd balls and eccentrics that the canal throws up but without whom the canal would not be the same
Breathtaking scenery, Bountiful nature, Glorious weather, Marvellous people, Tranquil peaceful days  what more can you ask for it is most honestly living the dream
BUT now we are back its all hands to the pumps we have spent two days punning the garden back together having had 6 months to run wild but its looking good now

This is the Log from Buggerlugs

Canal Miles               507
River Miles                  37
Tidal River Miles         44
Total Miles              588
Locks                        257
Canals                           9
Tidal Rivers                   1
Rivers                           4
Swing Bridges              80
Tunnels                           7

Yes  that was some cruise
I will keep the blog going maybe for my own benefit I can use it as a book one day??????

God Bless everyone

Back in our home (the garden is hiding behind the trees )