Sunday, 14 March 2010


Roger the Robin

Our winter mooring at Rufford

Frozen Over

Well the weather has at last started to improve ???? My brothers stay was uneventful even the fish decided to take a break and it all became very boring so we had a few hours of throwing insults at each other it has always broke the boredom on other uneventful fishing trips???
The Bl---- car is still causing problems we even had to hire one for today to go to church mind you when you live in Rufford and church is in Salford (don't ask) what else can you do ????

At last I have some pics ready from the big freeze and my new friend Roger the Robin
I have started my paintings for the new season; buying the pots and items to paint is the hard job but I have a few people on the task now so I should soon have plenty to paint. I was going to go legal this year and get a trading licence for the boat, but BW want 1700 pounds for a licence and last year I think I sold about 200 pounds worth so I decided to for get that. As I sell 80% to Marina's it doesn't matter but if anyone wants to commission me I a free until the end of April

I cannot wait to set off again we have, or I should say Noreen has decided to head down to Oxford and see what happens from there we have already met with other boaters who are doing the same so it should be a good trip we are all hoping to me up on the Weaver at the beginning of May or there abouts thank God for emails and mobiles at least we can stay in touch maybe I should organise a "video meeting" that way everyone would know what each was up to, Though I think just ambling along and seeing what turns up is better.
Speak soon
Big Al

Saturday, 6 March 2010

General Chat

Hi Folks

Well things aboard Buggerlugs are very boring at the moment general maintenance is to of the list the engine has had an overall even though its new it ran 850 hrs last year, now that the equivalent of a car averaging 25mph for 20,000 so it was well due a full service, my car which is rather purely goes in tomorrow for a transplant its having a new engine and MOT I wish there was a saint for MOTs I would light a candle tomorrow I cant afford anything else to go wrong this month.
The weather though cold has been wonderful having had all that sun it is nice to get back and enjoy being wrapped up on a whit frosty morning listening to the grass crunch beneath your feet, to see the tree's and bushes glisten in the early morning sun, I have lost my friend Herbie the Heron and gained Roger the Robin he is like me big, fat, cheeky and loves food. The marina here is beginning to fill up again a lot of boats left last year transferring over to the new marina at Scarisbrick. That left the marina quite empty but now its filling with new faces which is great.
Having nothing to do is leaving us time to catch up with old friends and visit Thomas our grandson as much as we can '

Due to hospital appointments we may not get away until the end of April now but we are laid back about it we were never going to be in a rush.
Sorry I have nothing exciting or funny to tell you, However our kid (my brother) comes tomorrow that always lends itself to either trouble or hilarity something is bound to happen????

Stay in touch

Big Al