Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hi Folks
Really sad news to start with, two weeks ago my Father-in-Law died, Tom had a fantastic life and died very peacefully in hospital Noreen and I were with him and he had received the sacraments. Tom was one of those all too rare characters a legend in his own time, Loved and Respected over 70 years in the scouting movement of which I spent about 30 with him on various teams and projects he was not just my Father-in Law he was one of my best mates and I will miss him.    
Only a couple of weeks now before we set sail for  ?????????  Leaving that bit blank as who knows were we will end up. As I have said before travelling the system is one of those operations when its not the destination but the journey that counts.
I have attached a pi of me at my last Work Shop I did at Scaeisbrick it was a really good day I managed to raise £52.00 for Air Ambulance that cant be bad can it I hope to fit another one in before we move off. Its frantic now getting things ready I would like it to be a little warmer as I need to paint the gunnels and so blacking I also have quite a lot of varnishing to do and of course the engine needs a service. Today I have redesigned my TV aerial this time I believe that I have cracked it, only being out on the cut will prove or disprove my new design.
Before I go let me indulge myself in a little RANT.
In the past few months I have done quite a lot of motorway driving, not great distances only 40 miles at a time, now before I start my rant,  I must say that I was an HGV class two driver (Army) so I do speak from the heart, But I have become more aware of practice of HGVs overtaking other HGVs  Why oh Why do they do it? One  wagon cruising at 58mph attracts other HGVs like bees to a honey pot they just cannot resist the thrill of overtaking whilst doing an extra 5 mph more now my calculation is that it would take aprox 20 mins to complete that manoeuvre  (my maths are not good but you get the picture ) Is it machoism that makes these idiots block two lanes of a busy motorway just to prove that  his engine can pull 5pmh more that the other and lets face it 90% of the time they have to pull back in because they start to go down hill. I find the whole thing bloody annoying that our motorway system is being choked up by morons who for no other reason, other than they can because there is no law against it, irritate everyone around them  by pathetic egotistical stupidity and showing disrespect and discourtesy to other road users
Because they are big they consider themselves better, more important, and above the normal rules of common sense. Lets have a new road law that prohibits HGVs overtaking unless they can do it in a reasonable distance that does not hinder the flow of normal traffic
Rant Over
God Bless
Big Al

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