Saturday, 24 January 2009

Great day out

The Mario Brothers: (with offspring) Catch any fish, anywhere, any time with anything
You have seen the Deadliest Catch Now see the real thing

Family Fishing

Great day today on the boat Keith and Mat came over for a days fishing. Keith intended to catch a big Perch, which he did twice Now that's unusual because when he says he is going to catch a big Perch or any other type of fish you can guarantee he catches everything But. Mat on the other hand just came to relax and catch what ever was came up he did extremely well with a total of over 30 fish. I on the other hand was far to busy giving my advice making brews, and lunch, I also had a long enjoyable walk with Lorraine.

A great day on the canal, were is Noreen in all this I here you say Noreen is away on a Girlie weekend in Derbyshire for her birthday treat.