Monday, 13 July 2015

Hi Everyone

Yesterday our visa’ s for Leeds ran out so we had to leave, another early start for us and our travelling companions Kara and Henk a lovely Dutch couple on there Boat “Double Dutch” they have been over here since the 80s. The  outbound trip from Leeds is just as thwart with the same difficulties as the inbound trip mainly the locks are to short for a 60ft boat though in reverse the difficulty wasn’t opening the lock gates but closing them I would advise all boaters to remove any large buttons from stern and bow. However this time we were aware of the problems and took action to remedy them which made it a bit easier. Yesterday Being a Sunday I think the volunteer lock keepers (who do a grand job and have a lot to put up with) had forgotten to take their Happy Pill because they were as miserable as sin, one did explain to me that the locks were not working properly some were very stiff some paddles were broke, some sluices were blocked, and to top it all last week they were visited by CRT top brass who came in a narrow boat and I will put it in the words of the lock keeper “ the lazy bast==== never got out of the boat, didn’t ask us what could be done to improve the locks, how we felt as volunteers didn’t even get a well done, apparently all the local CRT  brass came along but not a word was spoken in reference to the operational state of the locks. He even implored me to write to the trust about how awful the locks were I assured him that I already had but would do again I love writing letters of complaint.
Having already decided that today Monday was going to be a wet one and Buggerlugs wasn’t moving, when Henk and Kara passed and hooted this morning I said we were staying put but as they are on a schedule they were pressing on. We are moored half way between Leeds and Shipley in the Borough of Pudsley in a little village called Rodley. After lunch Noreen and I took our daily walk around the village, after looking at what it had to offer we decided that the occupants of this little back water must be the best fed and groomed people in the country  and have the smartest bath room,  They must have nothing better to do with their money than pamper themselves, which I do not have a problem with what ever floats your boat.  For the village contains three Pubs, five hair dressers/Barbers, two nail shops, ( I consider a nail shop to sell round, oval clout, tacks etc apparently I am wrong) three bathroom design shops/fitters, four restaurants not counting the pubs and the two take away shops, Oh yes and one fitness / spa club.
One advert brought us back down to earth it said the HQ for the WI (Women’s Institute )in this area.  That was it the sole number of shops in the village there is nothing else. No Garage forecourt, no post office no general store if you want a pint of milk then it’s a bus ride to Leeds. Yet there is a big building program, lots of new houses and more being built so come on all you budding shop keepers a golden opportunity awaits. We managed to buy nothing but Noreen is booked in tomorrow for a hair do???
God Bless everyone


My new friend, comes every morning to have Breakfast with me

Henk and Kara as they pressed on through the morning rain 
have a safe trip back to Coventry 
Yesterday pulling out of Clarence Dock Leeds after our Visa's ran out

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Wild life in Yorkshire

Hi everyone

Well we are nearly at the end of our rivers we only have the trip from Castleford to Leeds to do which is only a days journey. the journey from Selby to Castleford was a real pleasure trip brillient sunshine, calm breezes, and no boats we had the whole of the river to ourselves being so quiet and peaceful I just glided Buggerlugs along she does not need a lot of power just a gentle tickover speed is all she needs
This of course makes ideal conditions for wild life spotting we didnt see anything rare but what we did see was magical. Noreen did manage to see that all illusive King Fisher and a few Oyster catchers, Herons this year are in abundance and its a long time since I have seen so many sand Martins of course the sandy banks of the river Aire make ideal sites for the nesting burrows,
Tomorrow we move the boat into yet another marina this is only so we can collect the car and get ready for going back to Rufford for the funeral on Tues Wed once we have delivered the hire car we will make it into Leeds and fron there we will decide on a new plan of action.
some nice pics of the trip form Selby......
The Alpha and the Omega

The swans are still playing guard 

Now swear that one away to Mr Duck

Why can't we be as tolerant with each other

On reflection a nice Picture

This cheeky little bugger started eating my mooring ropes 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

We made it in one piece

Hi again

We are now in Selby, I said I would let you know so were not washed out to sea via Hull on the ebbing tide but was a close call the river today had a 8m tide running not to confuse anyone that’s like taking your car up a
4 in 1 hill on ice you are giving it everything you have but getting no where anyway with good direction from the lock keeper who stands 20ft above shouting and waving of arms  you cannot hear anything as the engine is revving its ar# off and you cannot take your eyes of the water for a minute so with him shouting and Noreen relaying messages we eventually steered Buggerlugs into the calm serenity of the lock. Allin all we made nothing broke, scratch or damaged in fact the lock keeper gave us 8 out of ten which for a first I thought was quite good.
However as from tomorrow the advice is not to travel down the Ouse until the 7th poor John and Kath will have to hang out around York until then. We were lucky and caught the last available tide it was very high but just manageable.
We arrived in Sleby at lunch time on the hottest day of the year so far, Now what does your mind conjure up when you hear the name  of the Town Selby? Power station, Coal Mines, Steel works who know well in my mind from now on it will be The Abbey. On our previous visit when we went to see the Abbey but we were to late so this after noon we took a stroll over there and what an astonishing surprise what a magnificent Abbey, one of the best we have ever come across and so under stated in the media unlike some of the great Abbey’s
That are some how just relics of the past Selby Abbey has a warmth and lived in feeling at the moment they are working on the finest church organ in the land some of the pipes are over 30ft ( I got chatting to the lads who were installing the pipes and because of my interest I was give at tour and a very interesting lecture on Church Organs and especially this one what a fantastic afternoon. AND IT WAS FREE no pay to pray in Selby
We are now trying to organise another stop over and hire a car for next Tue for the funeral  we will be around the Leeds area by then and we will use he Enterprise collect and drop off service which really is a great service for boaters.
So again don’t call the missing persons dept or the coast guard because Buggerlugs is back on track
God Bless

Selby Abbey

What can words say about that

The Organ pipes have been restored the tallest one has a Tuba type turn at its neck and is 30ft tall 
the sound is so deep it is almost inaudible but the vibrations shakes the foundations

The view of the Abbey from Buggerlugs