Thursday, 24 April 2014

Forced return to Fettlers Wharf

Hi Everyone

Buggerlugs has had her refit and everything is in ship shape form Easter was a triumph Noreen seeted and fed 9 on Sunday then Tuesday we took 12 out for a little cruise Maryanne and Stephen Steve brought his parents and nephews and Nieces the weather wasn't great but it stayed dry so we had a great day  (not bad for a bloody invalid)
Staying here in Scarisbrick has been really good but tomorrow we are heading back to Fettlers while I await appointments to sort out this old ticker then we can get on our way for this years trip. I am hoping that I can bully the hospital into getting a move on, I have things to do and places to go But we considered that to start the journey under my present condition would be folly I would hate to finish in some hospital in Yorkshire, after all I have no passport or visa for Yorkshire. and I am not sure if they have got anaesthetic's there yet??

 This just a short note to say we will be in Fettlers for a few weeks looking forward to a few visitors
just call then I can get the kettle on
God Bless Big Al

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hospitals Hey great places ( unless you are Ill )

Hi Everyone
As it’s the Bank Holiday weekend as usual we are moored up safe and sound, I find to venture out over the first bank holiday is unproductive as the system is usually blocked up with broken down and stranded boats and to be honest I need the rest having been moving boats all week. Well not quite all week as Weds I went to my GP because I was getting a few chest pains, I have had Angina for about 14 years but since I had stents put in I have had no trouble at all however I have now, After listening to my ticker she asked if Noreen was with me I said yes So she tells me to get Noreen, I do, then goes on to tell Noreen to drive me to the Hospital go straight to A&E with this letter as by time we get there they will be expecting us. All went according to plan, this was about 18.30 A&E even gave us a brew and a sandwich and by 21.30 Noreen had gone home and I was in a bed on the medical Assessment Ward with another brew and another sandwich. Now it all goes wrong I will give it to you in chronological order 21.30 brew and Butties, 23.00 bloods and Ops, 23.30 sleep, 00.30 moved to another ward, 01.00 woken for blood and Ops. 01.30 sleep. 02.00 moved three patients our of ward, 02.30 doctor wakes me up to say bloods have come back clear so I can go Home???. I tell said doctor to go away unless he wants to drive me from Blackburn to Southport he states he thought I was local I say again Sod Off and try reading my notes. 03.00 More blood and Ops, 03.30 three new patients arrive with a fanfare of porters sharing jokes and the next day racing tips. 04.00 Doctor wakes me up to say I am now not going home but staying in to see the consultant, I again tell him to sod off , I am trying to sleep, 0530 nurse takes my blood pressure which is now very high calls the Doctor who says its probably due to stress and lack of sleep. This time I agree and explain it’s the only thing he has got right all night and again tell him to sod Off. 7.00 Breakfast I was presented with  piece of bread jam and butter I was quite happy with it however a chap in the corner asked the nurse could he have his toasted, the nurse God bless her embarrassed had to say no its against Health and Safety eee we did have a good laugh. Anyway the out come was go home with new medication and they  will send for me as urgent for new test keep an eye on the blog
I love our NHS and consider it to be the finest in the world. But they do have some very curious habits like no allowing people to sleep. God Bless them all

Sorry this has nothing to do with boating just my confused Life.

Big Al

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spring has Arrived (I think)

Hi all
Well I do believe that spring has arrived, As you can see Buggerlugs has had a face lift even though I say so for myself she is looking OK and ready to go back in the water tomorrow. I will be glad to be back in the water where she belongs, being static on a boat is a strange strange feeling gales force winds and no rocking, I have found sleeping not too easy.
As we are not far from Matin Mere Bird Sanctuary the bird life is extraordinary whilst doing the blacking I was privileged to watch a display of a pair of Pewits ( Lapwings) courting the acrobatics and calling was just spell binding, this afternoon we saw our first ducklings, a duck came walking past the boat with a brood of 13 ducklings I assume she was giving them a guided tour of their new home. At the back of us we have a full field of Rapeseed in full bloom and standing quite tall everything seems to be three or four weeks early lets just hope its lasts for Easter.
Yesterday Noreen and I were called upon to take a 54ft from Rufford to Scarisbrick its not a great distance prob 14 miles in total but the journey contains 7 of the most awful locks in the country plus the wind strength was awful we passed a couple of boats actually stuck on the mooring, the wind was so strong that they could not get the boats off,  the boat was a semi trad but no one had informed us that the engine cover was rotten; you have it I fell through cracking my leg and elbow, the only fortunate thing was I still had hold of the tiller arm and kept a good course.  We eventually made Scarisbrick where I was so relieved to tie her up.
Easter next week we are not sure whats happening here but I know we have plenty of visitors lined up.
as always it will be busy.
God Bless
Big Al

View from our window looking down the Marina 

Buggerlugs ready to be returned to the water 
All blacking completed

Don't they look odd out of the water  

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Buggerlugs out of the water

Buggerlugs is now out of the water, I have one side, power washed, scraped , grinned, and the first of three coats on. being brought out of the water on a trailer, I say trailer quite loosely, because this trailer takes my boat of 19 ton has hydraulics that lifts the rear end. As I cannot describe exactly how it works I have put some pics which are self explanatory, all I had to do was get the boat straight and guide her onto the cradle
As soon as she is out of the water Danny gets his crew on the power washing, the whole operation is very slick. As John wasn't here I also brought Orion out of the water I guess it took 2 hours to get both boats out of the water power washed and parked on the hard standing ready for working on. Danny has everything to hand and runs a very smooth operation. I am not touting for business just stating a fact
Scarasbrick Marina good place for blacking and it has an excellent cafe.
The only thing now that will stop us finishing and getting it back in the water by Friday is the weather its not the best idea  using power tools and painting in the rain, lets just keep our fingers crossed.

Big Al
Getting everything Lined up

Guiding her onto the Cradle

Dragging out of the WATER

Me on the Tiller and engine and Andy with the pole

Noreen making sure everything is done

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Well thats it we are on our way, the trip today was only a short 5 hours arriving in Scarsbrick about 3. It was a great little run very calm waters in fact thats the calmest water I have ever had going either way on the Rufford branch. Soon Buggerlugs will be out of the water and then the work starts. One really upsetting thing today was whilst passing some moored boats my attention my attention was was drawn to the name of a certain boat called BUGGERLUGS YES! there is another boat called Buggerlugs, they have even coppied the font that the genuine article (OURS) painted I am upset, anoyed, and a bit PO as I think it should be against the law (I suppose I could always sneak out and sink it)
I have just received a  long weather forecast as the boat comes out either tomorrow or sat we have rain for the next week BUT! hey they have never got anything right so why start now.
Be good be kind to each other

Big Al
As you can see the spelling is not the same but if you come across this on 
Its NOT us