Saturday, 5 April 2014

Buggerlugs out of the water

Buggerlugs is now out of the water, I have one side, power washed, scraped , grinned, and the first of three coats on. being brought out of the water on a trailer, I say trailer quite loosely, because this trailer takes my boat of 19 ton has hydraulics that lifts the rear end. As I cannot describe exactly how it works I have put some pics which are self explanatory, all I had to do was get the boat straight and guide her onto the cradle
As soon as she is out of the water Danny gets his crew on the power washing, the whole operation is very slick. As John wasn't here I also brought Orion out of the water I guess it took 2 hours to get both boats out of the water power washed and parked on the hard standing ready for working on. Danny has everything to hand and runs a very smooth operation. I am not touting for business just stating a fact
Scarasbrick Marina good place for blacking and it has an excellent cafe.
The only thing now that will stop us finishing and getting it back in the water by Friday is the weather its not the best idea  using power tools and painting in the rain, lets just keep our fingers crossed.

Big Al
Getting everything Lined up

Guiding her onto the Cradle

Dragging out of the WATER

Me on the Tiller and engine and Andy with the pole

Noreen making sure everything is done

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