Thursday, 26 January 2012

January News Letter

Hi Everyone

This time of year the canal is not a very exciting place even the dog walkers are taking their dogs belongings home with them which leaves me no one to shout at I could always rely on them for a good old barny. Last week we had a little excitement as I assisted in craning two boats in and one out I know that sounds quite boring but believe me it was the high light of my week. The one we craned out I power sprayed it suffered from neglect over the winter and sank its only a 14ft sailing dinghy so nothing got ruined we will replace all the wood fittings and give it a good coat of paint be as good as new. Then I start on Buggerlugs I have to have her ready by April as we are off again and have lots to do and places to go and Peo;e to see.  I intend putting all medoica matters on ho;d until September.

I am quite busy with the paintings though the weather is playing hell with that getting the paint to harden off is a nightmare as one day is dry the next wet and the next damp I have started using the engine room as a drying room I know I hear you “Always bloody moaning” Noreen is still working in the cafe, she loves it, work is what she lives for and she loves being with customers when we had the business she use to keep me well away from customers ( people who know us know why????.)

At last I am getting some hospital appointments in I have had Mri scans, Electric probes making muscles jump, x-rays, all sorts of tests But I think they have now decided that that my cervical spine was damaged in the fall it means that when a signal leaves my so called brain it does not always arrive at its intended destination at times it causes some hilarity and embarrassment but on the whole its not life threatening I wake up every morning, I can dress myself and fish what else does a man want. I have a lot to thank God for.

I am on the hunt for either a Otter or a Mink what ever it is, There are definite signs about and it’s causing hell with the fishing I will have to take care what I do if its a mink then I am afraid its got to go if its an Otter then the environment will have to be informed and a party held in its honour.

February I have dedicated to catching up with friends so all expect a visit, we have Maurine coming on board for a few days we have a do with Marjorie’s and at the same time catch up with Silvia and Alan at the same time. Don’t worry plenty of time for the rest of you. We are still open for visitors.

God Bless you All

Big Al

Craning In

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