Thursday, 8 November 2012


I have had a few emails asking am I still in the land of the living or did the summer cruise do for me. Well I can assure all that I am still quite well I realise that the blog has been very quiet its just that time of year when very little is happening. Its also my favourite time the colours are spectacular here on the marina we have so many different trees that the variety give a dramatic display of colour. Also were we are we are in the migration path of birds arriving and departing for Europe the morning can be filled with a thousand waders, ducks, game birds but mainly very noisy geese at time it’s a bewildering sight. Unfortunately on Sunday night we had a large blue flash followed by a power cut, the blackout was caused by one of this years young swans flying into a power line that passes over the marina, as it was about 22.00hrs  I can only assume it had been spooked by a fox or some other nocturnal hunter, alas for the swan death was instantaneous we waited until morning fished it out of the water and buried it I hate to see animals floating down the canal it reminds me of the bad days of the 50s and 60s as a boy our canal (the Stockport branch of the Ashton canal was always full of dead animals I remember if you fell in it was a quick trip to Ancoats Hospital and a compulsory stomach pump, How we have progressed.
Buggerlugs is having its safety check done on Saturday I think I have got everything sorted the problem is every year they bring out another rule or change an old one so you never really know how it will end up, however I have been boating long enough now not to let little things like that bother me what will be will be.
I have started I new art form I am creating hatch doors with marquetry and inlay panels so far its been very experimental but I have two very nice panels, something new for the winter nights, painting on the boat in such a confined space is a no no especially with the sign writing enamels that I use that is reserved for the out doors on dry days, Or hopefully I will find enough room in my shed when it arrives???
I am afraid no photo’s again this time because I have lost my camera, I remember taking it with me to bring Dannie’s boat back from Swanley but have not seen it since
I don’t think I am destined to be a camera artist, I have an artist’s eye for a good photo but can never find the camera in time to take it I believe its my age.
My constant ranting and letter writing to the CRT must have paid off for the Rufford branch is closed for repair at long last they have condescended to repair lock five and the pound between it band lock 4 there has been a leak there for years. Or they have discovered what happens when you ignore a small leak that eventually escalates into the catastrophic breach at Dutton
I am afraid that’s your lot for now, very boring and mundane really but hey the winter can’t last for too long

May your God Bless you

Bi Al