Tuesday, 26 January 2016

End of January already

Hi everyone

I am asking a favour if you have read this could you please in the comments just write YES as some people say they are being blocked not sure why but a few answers you mean its not my end.

I normally enjoy January with frosty mornings, the trees looking as if they have been sprayed but this year it has been a nightmare the rain has been relentless, the wind constant and the temperature more like the south of France. as my dad would say "it all ars about face". I am now attempting to get Buggerlugs ready for the epic winter trip to Castleford 120 miles crossing the boarder into Yorkshire on one of the highest canals in the country IN MARCH we must be mad but Buggerlugs is booked in for her re-spray on the 19th of March so we will just have to grin and bear it. I have signed up for the CRT up dates on closures across my intended route ( with a 60ft there is only one route, unless we go south through Nottingham then north on the Trent that should take about three weeks)) So we will tackle this one head on and go for it.
Once Buggerlugs re-spray is completed we will collect her from Castleford head south towards the River Trent come off onto the Fosdyke and then head east for Lincoln and Boston for the return I think we will just go the way the wind takes us.
The floods have subsided a little But at the moment it is raining again along with the rest of the country, here we still have two pumps here working 24/7 which are coping very well, However the head of water that is seeping into the culvert and on into the Marina is still huge but the back pressure seems to be slacking off.

Both Thomas and Pippa are doing well Thomas is now learning the Guitar I am hoping he will teach me to read music after 40 years of playing the guitar I still cannot read music how pathetic is that However I could not get to grips with Logarithms or Algebra purely because I did not see the use of them or understand them its the same with music but maybe Thomas will succeed where all others have failed.
Pippa is a little darling I know all grandparents say that and why not Here is a nice quote from my book.
""Grandchildren are Gods Gift and Compensation for Old Age.""  Pippa is going to grow up to be a very independent, self motivating, single minded young lady just like her mother.
 With these pumps pumping excess water into the canal it has aerated the water in the marina and the fish have come out of their winter sleep and are feeding like mad consequently the fishing is good if you are willing to ignore the rain the fishing is very good.

Yesterday we managed to deliver the last of our Christmas presents we drove down to Overwater Marina to visit Gerry and Chis who are now living on there NEW Boat its a very nice 58ft narrow boat, Cruiser stern very neat and tidy trim the same standard has been applied to the interior "God Bless all who sail in her" .
We tried to meet up a few times over Christmas but because of weather we kept missing out. That was our first time to Overwater Marina quite nice very isolated and very Quiet.

Thats your lot folks

Look after yourselves
God Bless you all


Not huge but a good scrap

Up to date  Only one day of Ice