Monday, 27 April 2009

Hi Everyone sorry for the delay in filling out the blog the Internet is bloody rubbish in Cheshire.

Right having left Tom behind yesterday in Stretford we have cruised down to Lymm, we are staying here tonight because we are catching up with friends Silvia and Alan. We are then off to take up a mooring for the bank Holiday weekend anyone who wishes can find us can at the following
Lion salt works Museum
Offershaw lane
But please let us know that you are coming and when, we shall be there until Tues morning
If anything changes we will let you Know.

So far so good everything is going great No engine problems or any other . Noreen is doing great on the helm and is now a wizard at locks. meeting lots of very interesting people along the way most are as mad as we are which does help knowing you are not the only ones.

Few pics ( Sorry no pics at the moment I cant download them) Keep a lookout)

God Bless everyone

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

First three days

Today is Wednesday We have arrived in Stretford, Sorry for the absence of mail but I have found it difficult to log on, At the moment I am using Toms computer so I cannot send any Pics.

We have had a good first three days the weather has been great and the canal quiet. we have been accompanied by our neighbours from Rufford Gerry and Chris so doing the locks was a lot easier. They have now gone into Manchester for a few days. Noreen has been practicing here helms woman skills she brought Buggerlugs all through Patricroft which is very bendy
We are staying here at Toms until Sunday I will have to try and send some pics by this computer I think .
Nothing else to tell you yet its all very quiet.

Love to all

Noreen and Alan

Thursday, 16 April 2009

This is it,, the next time I shall publish we will be on our way.
This is also a thanks to all those involved in our Bonn Voyage party last weekend it honestly was a big big surprise, the costumes were great I really felt like Jim but I must admit I didn't fancy that Rosy she kept winking???? These pics show what a great time we had, Walking the plank, Wafting Fish, and being kidnapped great fun but best of all was the themed food Fish fingers wow we know how to hit the high life
THANKS EVERYONE for all the effort
If the kids want to do some geography leasons follow on a map we are setting off from Rofford through Parbold, Appley Bridge, Wigan, Leigh, Worsley, Manchester, Stretford, Lymm, Preston Brook, Northwich, Middlewich, After that we will give further instructions, but see if you can guess were we will go next.
Please stay in touch on the blog you can add your comments on the blog or just email us
look after yourselves
Love you all

Noreen and Alan

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Training Course

Noreen Training Course

Noreen has now completed her course and is amply prepared to tell me I am doing it wrong and always have been, I can see this leading up to quite a few conflicts of opinion on the intricacies of boat handling,

The weather was almost kind but Noreen was well equipped for that, the other students were great and they all had a good time, the instructor well you all know my opinion on them but this one was a bit more self opinionated than most, all I will say its a good job he wasn't teaching me we could easily have had words and you all know I am not one to get shirty ?????

But Noreen enjoyed it and now knows more than me. and is ready now for the summer cruise
Good luck to Roberta on getting the boat of her dreams, and if you ever want to convince people of the comfort aboard you have our number,we would love to see you

Just a few pics of the course

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Up Date

Hi Everyone

We have now had all the carpentry work completed and all the paint jobs done. I have only to scribe the the new design on the bow then its all complete. the carpenter has made a good job of the work however apparently carpenters do not fit glass or varnish sorry its a long storey.
Only two weeks to go Noreen starts her helmans course on Tues then after Easter we are off please try and follow our exploits I will attempt to keep the amusing and interesting, though as you all know Noreen and I it is bound to be amusing. please add you comments as it is a way of staying in touch.
We had Sandra and Tom on board today just a quick run out, Noreen had time to practice the Buggerlugs hospitality, and I was able to demonstrate the intricate maneuvering of the boat in windy conditions ????
it was a great afternoon we even had sunshine which made it a lovely cruise

Sandra enjoying a Buffet Lunch (she will kill me for that photo)

Tom Left in Charge of the Tiller

Viki and Elliot finding new freinds