Wednesday, 22 April 2009

First three days

Today is Wednesday We have arrived in Stretford, Sorry for the absence of mail but I have found it difficult to log on, At the moment I am using Toms computer so I cannot send any Pics.

We have had a good first three days the weather has been great and the canal quiet. we have been accompanied by our neighbours from Rufford Gerry and Chris so doing the locks was a lot easier. They have now gone into Manchester for a few days. Noreen has been practicing here helms woman skills she brought Buggerlugs all through Patricroft which is very bendy
We are staying here at Toms until Sunday I will have to try and send some pics by this computer I think .
Nothing else to tell you yet its all very quiet.

Love to all

Noreen and Alan

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Anonymous said...

ahoy there, glad to hear you had a great start to your journey the halliwells