Thursday, 16 April 2009

This is it,, the next time I shall publish we will be on our way.
This is also a thanks to all those involved in our Bonn Voyage party last weekend it honestly was a big big surprise, the costumes were great I really felt like Jim but I must admit I didn't fancy that Rosy she kept winking???? These pics show what a great time we had, Walking the plank, Wafting Fish, and being kidnapped great fun but best of all was the themed food Fish fingers wow we know how to hit the high life
THANKS EVERYONE for all the effort
If the kids want to do some geography leasons follow on a map we are setting off from Rofford through Parbold, Appley Bridge, Wigan, Leigh, Worsley, Manchester, Stretford, Lymm, Preston Brook, Northwich, Middlewich, After that we will give further instructions, but see if you can guess were we will go next.
Please stay in touch on the blog you can add your comments on the blog or just email us
look after yourselves
Love you all

Noreen and Alan


piphodg said...

Here's wishing you ! Bon Voyage ! cruising Britain's canal's, hope you have a great time can't wait to meet up with you both in the coming month's. Take care all our love ( THE HODG'S HYDE BRANCH )

p.s. dont forget to let noreen have a go now she'e got a certificate. ha ha .

Maraynne said...

Love the photos best of luck for the week see you on Thursday to take you shopping x love ya x

Anonymous said...

Been a while since we've looked on your blog Great to see you're enjoying retirement... Have great trip !

XX Family in OZ XX