Thursday, 9 April 2009

Training Course

Noreen Training Course

Noreen has now completed her course and is amply prepared to tell me I am doing it wrong and always have been, I can see this leading up to quite a few conflicts of opinion on the intricacies of boat handling,

The weather was almost kind but Noreen was well equipped for that, the other students were great and they all had a good time, the instructor well you all know my opinion on them but this one was a bit more self opinionated than most, all I will say its a good job he wasn't teaching me we could easily have had words and you all know I am not one to get shirty ?????

But Noreen enjoyed it and now knows more than me. and is ready now for the summer cruise
Good luck to Roberta on getting the boat of her dreams, and if you ever want to convince people of the comfort aboard you have our number,we would love to see you

Just a few pics of the course

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