Sunday, 26 October 2014

Supermarkets ???????

You know some days you get up and instinctively know its going to be one of them days, well last week I had  one of those days. Fine weather, bank balance in the black, car and boat running well, my back ache had even gone, then with one trip to the supermarket it all went well lets just say breast up. I have pondered with this problem for some time, ever since I was asked to check myself through the check. Why the bloody hell should I ??? Well just read on

Supermarket Check out

What is it with supermarkets? I only enter when required either by her who must be obeyed or by dire necessity. I buy very little so I inevitably end up at the check out carrying a basket with very little in it. It is when heading towards the checkout  I encounter the “usually” bossy little girl shouting “here sir try the fast lane check out” My answer is always the same “is there a discount for me doing it myself” I always get that look of none comprehension because no one has ever questioned her with “Why should I “ After all if I go DIY  then I am taking someone’s job there by saving the retailers some money therefore I believe, as silly as it may sound to the retailer. that I by using my time and effort deserve a discount surely that is only fair. Now I have challenged a few retail managers over this modern scam of getting something for nothing and all there stock answers were the same “Sir this new system is to make your shopping experience faster therefore more pleasant ” Here are a couple of arguments on that theory:
  1. I do not go into a supermarket for an experience and unless they carried me around and fed me G&Ts then nothing could make my shopping Pleasant.
  2.   Faster? I really do not believe it, I have been stuck behind the guy who takes 5 mins deciding if he should pay cash or card then 5 mins deciding which card, by this time the automated voice is in tears. I have also been stuck behind the young mum whose kids keep moving the items back through the scanner and making a £20 shop £40
  3. and of course there is always the bad tempered bugger who has to have an argument with the bloody machine, and insists the Machine has it in for him.
So no it is not always faster and even if t fact is true, why should I not get a discount for using my time, my effort for doing a task that in theory I have already paid for.
It is my intention to start a campaign of boycotting all self checkout I state self checkout unlike the supermarket who refer to them as self service checkout, the word service indicates that somebody is doing something for you?.
I have a better example of the stupidity of supermarket checkouts. Last night we went to a supermarket I collected three 70ltr bags of Bark and a 20ltr of compost ( trying to tidy up the garden)which at the time I thought was a bargain, Now as I approached the checkout the cashier’s face dropped to the floor she had that look of impending doom when it became my turn I left all the items in the trolley, naturally expecting the  cashier to just scan them with her gun. No Way she just looked at me very apologetic and asked me to put them all on the conveyor belt. I ask if she was serious she again apologised and said that the management had taken all the mobile scanners away because they were getting broke. OK The combined weight of my purchases was aprx 50/60 kg which she expected me to haul out of the trolley push along the conveyor belt them re-stack in the bloody trolley. Now I am a reasonable man and will always go the extra mile to help my fellow man or woman BUT come on I was doing a bit of shopping not going to a weight lifting class the poor cashier again apologised because she had arthritis and couldn’t assist which I fully understood, I therefore insisted on speaking to the manager, I explained to the rest of the now extending queue what the problem was, most agreed on the stupidty of it and a few stayed to see the outcome. Eventually the assistant manager arrived (the time delay I believe was him hoping that I would just disappear,  he also apologised and gave the same spiel about the scanners were getting damaged though he added that they were over used  and that if I wanted the items I would have to put them on the conveyor belt to be scanned. OK I AGREED WITH HIM THAT WE HAD A PROBLEM.  I now played my ace card. I proposed that the rest of the queue had witnessed that he had just told me to load them onto the conveyor belt without having previously given me training on handling heavy weights, there by under Health and safety regulations if I injured myself the company would be liable, At this a cheer went up from the now assembled congregation, With the face of a trapped rabbit the manager was almost in tears his decision ultimately made for him, Sir would you you allow me to put them through for you, of course I relented and said thank you Yes that would solve the problem.
Always remember if you think you have been mistreated then you probably have always know your subject (mine has been health and safety at work)maybe I did stretch the rules a little but hey he didn’t know that?
If there are rules they work both ways and only ever pursue the challenge if you know you are right and you have witnesses
For injustice to reign all it takes is for the little man to do nothing

Big Al  

Have a nice week