Thursday, 27 June 2019


Hi everyone

We have left the riggers of the out back behind and headed for three days rest and recuperation in the metropolitan city of Darwen. Darwen is a strange place full of old and new part is still trying to hold on to its colonial past and the other half blending with the future of a rapidly changing Australia. However its a great place to hang out  we managed to go to a great little theatre maximum of 80 audience very parochial but a great play I was told by people who Know that it was very Australian  (what ever that means ) We visited the usual places botanical gardens, Museums where there was some wonderful exhibitions of Flora and Fauna of Australia and a interesting exhibition of the cyclone that flattened Darwin I found that very interesting. on the whole a very enjoyable few days before our flight back to base.
I do not know why but security at airports is starting to really annoy me this time in Darwen a domestic flight of only 4 hours I was everything but strip search I think I only got away with that because when he ask "do it here or in the cubical" I said here I have nothing to hide anyway I was cleared of carrying Drugs, Laundered Money, Animals, Contraband,  Slaves, Environmentally Dangerous items. and Guns. This happens when ever I go through security I stand there being rigorously search whilst the rest of my traveling company stand finished in fits of laughter both annoying me and the security officers. But hey we all need a laugh in airports dont we But why me I try to travel in shorts so when my NHS knee sets off the alarm they can see the 8inch scar covering my knee But does that deter them from a full investigation oh no it just gives them the excuse to have some fun on what is normally a very boring job.  However if I was carrying a bomb the rest of the passengers would be very grateful that I did not get through.
We are now back in QUEENSLAND at my sister-in-laws who is I must add a wonderful generous person However since we arrived back last Sat it has not stopped raining its the longest continuous period of rain anyone here can remember it rained continuously for 48 hrs WOW they have never experienced rain for a month anyway the rain combined with the wind has curtailed our fishing exploits though I did get out early monday though after 2 hours I was just like the rest of the boats on the water heading home I love my fishing but not at the expense of my life its very rough out there
its now two days on and it hasnt stopped raining however Roger and I decided that we were getting claustrophobia so we set off fishing the wind and gales have gone and we are both originally from Manchester so whats a bit of rain to us As it happens the morning was very productive wit a good haul of fish the weather wasnt great but is you are catching who cares
We have now planned our next trip again we are heading north but this time we are driving up and spending a few days in a lovely place called Nussa just being tourists we go a week on monday that is about the 8th by time we get back it will almost be time to start packing again for the homeward trip

God Bless
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Rainbow whilst morning fishing so beautiful makes you forget about the rain

Cullum Marina Darwen dinner by Navigation lights 

Sunset over Darwen 

St Mary's Catholic church Darwen

Sea Lock from the Marina to the sea

The red wine is called Bonking Frog only the Ausies could come up with that one 

Mary taking on the Croc single Handed
Crazy trees 

from Apartment balcony  

another even crazier tree

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Real out back

Hi again

Well we haven't been eaten by crocodiles or buried by ants we have just been well and truly in the bush without any real means of communication We are now back in Darwen we returned today and returned mighty Midge the camper she may have been old but she served us very well. the past 6 days or so has been quite and epic journey starting with the wall art the Aboriginal tribes in this areaa have been custodians of this land for the past 60,000 years the oldest inhabitants of one land in the world. It all makes it a fascinating place. We have treked up 300ft escarpments scrambled up rock faces walked along with kangaroos followed Emus and had a great time we did also find time to celebrate our 50th Wedding anniversary with a evening river cruise down the Butterfly gorge in the Kacadu  national park  However even though we were dressed for the evening we still had to do some scrambling over rocks as the river was low and we had to walk the parts the boat couldn't go and then get another boat ( it reminded me of the African Queen )
We then decided that we would attempt to swim in every pool that was on top of a waterfall. Just to point out now that through the national parks there is a large escarpment that was thrown up when Australia left south Asia about 3 mil years ago anyhow this range being close to the sea collects a lot of moisture and rain that then cascades to the wet lands of the Northern territories making for one of the most diverse habitats in the world. There are many waterfalls off these escarpments of which some are sacred to the locals and no swimming is allowed. We challenged ourselves to scramble the ones we could  and swim the top pools. as being a national park most of the sites are accessible by road and most tourists get a chance to swim in the bottom pool BUT where is the fun in sharing a big bath with a load of tourists, Now to be fare to the Rangers have cut paths and  beaten through the bush but as tropical rain forest grows at a tremendous rate some paths are just unrecognizable, now  of course remember we would be scrambling  between 3/5 hundred feet high over a distance of 2/5 k I hear you know saying that's easy, maybe but also consider  we did this magnificent fete in temps of 30/35 which for two Pommy over 70s isn't so bad. As well as treking through tropical forest, desert and swampland we did call in whenever possible for an expresso I think we had two whilst fueling up.
Just two days left  to explore the delights of Darwen
God Bless you all

How do these trees hang on

Noreen bashing through the bush

isit a cave bloody dark down there

Kacadu Gorge by night

Scrambled over rocks to get next boat As you see all dressed for dinner ??

50th Anniversary 9couple of months late but after 50 years who cares

out bush no media no water no light just us the bats the snakes the spiders ????

By Ek thats cold at 300 ft 

one of the bottom pools for the Tourists

this water fall is about 400ft on of the sacred ones 

are they not really inviting

Trying out the highest pool that little gap behind me is a 300ft fall as seen by the tops of the trees they are half way up the falls 

Tuesday, 11 June 2019


One bugger of a termite hill hope our ants at Fettlers dont get any ideas

just following local gosip

The two girl half way to the top

Me and the boss at the top just look at that view

Guess who is in front with the camera

wall art  stunning

I did say that comminations would be difficult and that has proved right however today we hope to see habitation as we need fuel and hope get internet.
Since arriving and starting this epic trek we have been in search of aboriginal art and there is plenty of it except that it is normally half way up a cliff face or a 5k hike its is all very clearly signed but yes you do have to put the effort in Temps are in the region 32 /35 with a very high humidity so its bearable I would hate to try it in the dry season we are now in the wet season
KACADU national park is our main area at the moment though today we are starting to move south towards Lichfield, by the week end this national park is (I have read somewhere) 20,000 square Km
anyway when you are travelling through the size becomes unbelievable as I said toady we need fuel thats 2 hours drive.
The van we have picked up is fine a bit old but capable of giving the four of us some good laughs and its almost back to those camping days, I have attacked by Green back ants that have gorged themselves on the back of my knees making bending the knee difficult though they were very kind and only attacked the knee that isn't mine it belongs to the NHS and doesn't bend that much anyway
I will attempt to send this with pics but not sure How long I will get
God Bless

Speak soon

the internet speed is very slow loads more pics but we have to be on our way plus time has ran out speak again 

Thursday, 6 June 2019

All packed and ready for round two

bit cloudy today but after a bug day getting ready we deserve a nice cooling breeze 

 The final Itinerary has been agreed and we fly off tomorrow morning at 09.20 that means leaving the house at 06.30 ( only get up that early to go fishing) We then go to our hotel we  have two days in Darwen when we will pick up the Camper pick up some supplies Sat we head off to  KAKADO
 where will spend 4/5 days exploring. around the 14th we head for Katherine, Manbullo, which will be another few days exploring about the 17th we head for Litchfield yes you got it another few days exploring the last couple of days we are heading for Cullen bay which is a popular tourist thing to do then on the 21st we fly back to Brisbane AT 01.05 YES I am going to be ill still awake at that time in the morning.
 I have given that info so those who wish (sad people ) can follow on a map. as you can see some of the areas are very remote so communication will be spasmodic so we will have to see what happens its just like boating really. a lot of preparation, we are all ex scouters so it comes easy "be prepared" God bless be good whilst we are away

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

training sessions

Hi Everyone

Well other than my fishing of which I will not bore you things have hit a clam plane and this week we are just very slowly getting ready for the trip up north I can now confirm it is Friday My sister in law has organised everything "she speaks the lingo" so I just keep nodding my head , actually thats unfair Mary and Roger have been before though that was 15 years ago but they seem to know the best camp sites places to visit and so on Its always best to have some  local knowledge "local in this case is 5 hours flying away " though in Ausi terms that can be classed as local.
As this trip is going to include a lot of Bush walking Noreen has decided I need to get in training (as if living with Noreen isnt enough training to keep one in tip top condition which you all know I AM
We have been traveling  about quite a bit to the places that we know can be challenging on the feet,back and head such as Shopping Malls and Markets they just kill my feet especially over here where they all have marble floors. However once those had been conquered and I could do two hrs without complaint we moved onto the serious stuff like Burliegh Head land and Spring brook falls
Burliegh Head land is just what it says it a head land that juts out into the sea separating two bays and is about 600 ft the second half being made up of rain forest. Spring brook is 60m inland and seems to be where a glacier was once formed and when it melted in left behind a huge hole in the shape of a ally which at its head is a 250ft waterfall .
Must tell you about my fishing exploits this morning.Today Roger had another job on so I again ventured out on my own Now before I left Roger did give the thumbs up but also informed me that there was a wind warning out for our coast line. I said dont worry Roge I am experienced with boats and wind ??????  What he omitted to tell me was the the wind was coming from the south (south bloody pole) and the tide, though I went out on a high tide was a very slow one anyway with a freezing wind in my face an OFF shore gale and a low flowing tide life out on the water was bloody awful our little tinny was like a cork in a bottle tossed about like a piece of flotsam I couldn't keep my bail on the bottom and after 3 hours of bloody hard work I noticed I was the only daft bugger left on the water fishing . with my constant concentration of watching for tide, wind and rocks I hadn't really noticed all the other boats out fishing had already ran for cover. I headed for the lee of the land where I hoped to find shelter from the icy wind which I did but in shore it is very shallow and I was now on an ebbing tide.. Solution throttle back open her up bow out of the water and pray that I reached the safety of the canal and home before it started to snow ( well I had had every other weather weather condition so it might as well snow. HOWEVER I did catch three fish hooray.

Ok folks keep the reply's coming

GB everyone

 Burliegh Head towards the sea

 Half way look out and a breather

Very popular with the surfers hence this very imaginative bench 

also popular with the keep fit brigade everyone is at it 

that climb behind doesn't look much but it is 

Noreen with no compass bearing 

pretty dense as we reach the summit and then its harder still going down 

Saturday, 1 June 2019



Would you believe its three weeks today that we arrived Time is flying past so quickly. I believe that its next Thurs we all fly up to Darwin for our camping trip into the Northern Territories.  I say camping its what people of our age and 70 years experience of Camping call camping So to that end we have ditched the tents and now have a 6 birth camper van which will do for us, at least now camping at night no one will be needed to stand guard for the crocks?
This week has been what most people would call hectic however Noreen and I just seem to roll with it, we seem to have developed a routine of Fishing starts at 06.30 depending on the tide its been ok this week I have been able to reach the Ebbing tide which has produced a few fish mostly its Roger and I but on a few occasion; now that I have a knowledge of the water I have been allowed out on my own. on our return about 4/5 hours later its morning coffee then its showered and out for a cruise in Mary's car seeing some of the local sights and being a typical tourist (one has to do what one can for the out of season shops and cafes. Today being a Saturday Rodger took us for a very nice tour of the extensive Broad Water by boat up to the top end of Stradbrook which is an Island that separates the Broad water from the Southern Pacific  and south China Sea very interesting to be able to see how these coastal areas have been and are continuing to be developed.
So life hear in Aus is continuing at a fare old pace. its a weekend off this weekend as tomorrow is Rogers birthday Party all the family are coming over so Noreen and I are looking forward to seeing all our great Nephews and Nieces it will probably be a riotous occasion where I get thrown in the pool (which for some reason unknown to me Kids seem to enjoy??) then its getting ready for the trip up North I have been warned that I cannot take any fishing gear as this is going to be a NO FISHING trip It has been pointed out to me that I have pushed my luck far enough with my nine lives  and as Noreen pointed out God has thrown me back twice. For some reason Crocodiles seem to be attracted to anglers and as my running skills are some what in abeyance in fact none existent I have therefore reluctantly agreed to leave my Rods where they can cause no harm. so when Noreen awakes in the morning and finds an empty space she will know I have not gone off with Crocodile Dundee I am only making her breakfast ?
That is basically it I will leave some picks to tell the rest
God bless to you all
And again if you read this please comment its makes all this one finger typing worth it
Buggerlugs Downunder
Noreen and Mary rounding up some of the Locals
This is a Shovel Nosed Ray or Shark and make very good eating 
this was one of my solo sorties out in the bay

View fro my lounger whilst enjoying Breakfast

An Island resort on Stradbrook Island remember not many people about this is the off season  

Two Ladies of Leisure awaiting to be transported home

Weekends the water is packed with every variety of Craft from the humble ubiquitous fishing tinny to the Ocean going yachts and cruisers people Kite Surfing, kayaking, para sailing jet skiing and of course fishing the water is veritable playground for people of every age everyone wants to just enjoy it and it does seem to work even those stupid H.A,S rules which in most cases just restrict enjoyment seem to be very much more relaxed and place the responsibility and the onus on you the percipient.

This Boat was apparently used to film part of the Pirates of the Caribbean I was not allowed to take it for a trip around the bay 

This is a nautical map of where we actually are and of the broad water I go fishing  

This is a map of the canal system where we are the arrow marks the actual House 

Put her into the wind Noreen !!!!!!!

God Bless