Saturday, 28 April 2012


Wednesday dawned with gale force winds and freezing rain, we decided to leave early as it looked like being a rough few hours to Castlefield. After completing a three point turn in the Marina a manoeuvre I was quite proud of considering the gale that was blowing down the canal, As expected the trip to Manchester was bad we arrived about 12 noon plenty of mooring spaces and Noreen was soon off to see her dad .

Manchester Castlefield never changes still a very odd assortment of people walking by to and from work and of course all the tourists who insist on taking a photo of you and your boat we must be on thousands of family photos throughout the world (that me saying Odd who lives on a boat ) its throwing it down and shows no sign of stopping or even easing off . Still what would Manchester be without it. I fail to see what the country is complaining about having a water shortage though lets all agree its much easier to raise the price of something once you have convinced all the users that there is a shortage, just look at petrol and diesel the only people talking of shortages is the speculators none of the producers consider there to be a shortage. If you think that me starting my summer cruise would relax some of my antagonism’s I have, not a chance I can still have a good moan.

Noreen is busy visiting her Dad, Noreen managed to get there on Weds and yesterday, today we both went picking up Shirley first . As we are so close it seems silly not to. Tonight we have Lal and Chris coming round for supper , tomorrow I believe Matt and Thomas are coming for the day

Kath and John who are moored behind us are testing the sights and shops of a Manchester and waiting for the off on Monday when we are heading for Lymn which is are next stop

Thats your lot folks

Speak soon

Big AL

A very Wet Manchester

Canal Street ???

Potato Wharf 

Photos are not very inspiring but I do get a sense of history in this place of the birth of Britsh canals

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pitures are not much but its our first days out things willget Better

The first Brood saying Good Bye

All flags flying for the departure

Blue bell wood first day Out

Approaching the first Lock

Its been a long time getting here but yes we are now out on the Cut.

We left this morning the weather was kind to us Dry and calm rather cold but really it was nice to be out.

WE are travelling to Manchester with Kath and John travelling together make it a bit easier especially the locks the first seven are the worst not only are we a bit rusty from having had the winter off, the first seven locks up the Rufford are some of the worst you can come across and are shattering if you are rusty or not, Danny was out early and had both boats filled with Diesel, Pumped out, Gas bottles fitted in record time. Having said all our Goodbyes We left the Marina Playing Land of Hope and Glory as loud as we could get it, lots of boaters were out waving us either Bonne Voyage or waving Glad to be shut of you, Who Knows ???? We are now moored up at Dean Lock for the first night the day was incident free Which is how I hope it will stay. Tomorrow we are going through Wigan and having an overnight at Booths Town Marina.

Today has been a reminder of why we chose this Life Style. Gliding along a peaceful unspoilt canal is a great way of putting sanity back into your bone.

Could’t get on the internet last night no signal.

We are now in Boothstown staying in the Marina overnight the trip today was again almost trouble free all except Plank lane this is just for the boaters. Plank lane is now Boater operated you have to use your BW key The operating unit is on the Liegh side and difficult to find it has restricted hours its closed between 8 and 10 am and 4 and 6 pm it would be nice if BW would inform people I had words with a BW inspector about the lack of information and the way he ignored Noreen and Kath who were politely asking for help. yes I did give him a bit of grief but he reach in his pocket and took a photo of my licence number so I took a photo of him and his car number der der der bloody pillock .

So Tomorrow sees us in Castlefield

And we have not yet got wet

Stay awake

Big Al

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hi Everyone

That’s it; I do believe that winter is now behind us and we can now see some nice weather ahead.

The other day I had to walk a few miles back to the marina after taking the car for its MOT, On the walk back and started to consider what a wonderful part of the world we live in. I know things look bad at times. I for one know how I can go off on one with things that irritate me, but when we look at these irritations that’s all they are; irritations, I for one love to have a good old moan But today walking through this special part of Lancashire I thought how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful place as Britain where we can to some extent say what we want, call who we want, moan about who we want and not be afraid of a knock on the door in the early hours when we would be taken away and probably never seen again. Sometimes I hate what I hear people say but I will defend to the death their right to say it. Today the sky was blue the sun was warm and all was well with the world, So we are getting short of water, service stations had run out of petrol, we have a set of complete morons trying to run the country, Pubs are closing, Police and Fire stations are closing, and every week we loose another soldier to a war that has no end and no reason.

But who and what we are has given us the resilience to withstand these little Irritation ( sorry loosing a soldier can not be described as an irritation) and the fortitude to get on with sustaining our special culture, a culture that has lasted and developed over 1000’s of years Lets not worry about Islamic invasions, Americanisation, Constricting European law, it will only happen if we forget or abandon our own heritage.

Today people is the beginning of Holy leading up to Easter a time for a new beginning.

Rejoice and be happy look at what we have not what we want I am more determined this year to enjoy life to its utmost

Because of this great weather I am two weeks ahead of schedule with the boat Old Buggerlugs is now ready for the off. We are away on St Georges Day 23erd April Quite apt. Can’t wait to get back on the cut meeting old friends seeing new places and making new friends

Keep an eye open for us

Go Bless

Big Al