Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hi Everyone

Since we returned I have been trying in vain to do a few minor repairs and
Get her ready for the winter six months out on the cut takes its toll on paintwork and moving parts???  BUT like the rest of you I am awaiting to have a dry day
Last week I have managed to do a quick trip to Swanley Marina to pick up Danny's Boat and help with crewing it back here to Rufford. We managed it without incident in a total of three days.  I was really surprised to see the system so busy as we came out of Hurlston lock there was 6 boats waiting to go up, and had just pasted four boats going up, these going up were leaving locks into almost dry pounds. If only people would listen to advice and just slow things down and give the water time to recover the pounds are not empty because of the lack of water its just they are not allowed to recover between emptying’s. As we came back at the end of the season I noticed that almost every bridge hole, winding hole, movable bridge had one or two boats moored up for the winter. Please don’t get me wrong I uphold the right for everyone to use the canal to there advantage and permanent cruisers also have that same right. However that right should not impose on the rights of the rest of us to have an trouble free cruise when mooring please moor with the adage “for the greater good” a little more consideration would not go amiss. That rants over.
So!  We are all waiting for the rain to stop. Here on the marina we have been lucky last night the river Douglas came inches from breaking its bank though this morning with the ebbing tide it has dropped a few feet, Even if it does break through have the railway is between us and the river, even though I have my boat now on a long rope ???? Just watched the news and seen the moorings I use on the Weaver ten foot under water I have been on the Weaver when its in flood its not a very forgiving river I'm glad we came back early it appears nowhere is safe from flooding the worry now is not about too little water but having too much. Let’s hope that the new volunteers o f the Canal River Trust manage to keep the water levels correct, though lets face it BW never managed it. 
Keep a weather eye out
Stay Safe

The Trains were suspended between Ormskirk and Preston 
As the river was threatening the Bridge

The danger has passed for now 
lets hope the next high tide leaves us alone??

I usually fish under this bridge.

Friday, 7 September 2012

back on our Mooring

Thomas and Granddad

Noreen found our first car, we had one in 1970
a Bond Mini Car 250 villiars engine no reverse
we traveled Cambridge to Manchester once a month
Good days ????????

Thomas is now ready to start studying for his GCSEs
He says if they mess my results up 
I'm going after them

Home again

Noreen and I are now back in our Marina after having a really good cruising season.
The trip back from Manchester was uneventful Keith came along to help swing those awful locks in Wigan all boaters note that I am starting a campaign to renovate those locks out, they have been in that deplorable state now for four years to my knowledge.
How do they expect boaters to visit Liverpool when the first have to run the gauntlet of Wigan anyone who is not 6ft, 18stone and built like a brick sh—h----  can not possibly work those locks. They are dirty, full of rubbish, nothing works. To think in the centre of those locks is the North West Head office for waterways, how ironic is that,  If I worked there I would be ashamed to go to work.
To those who are regularly reading  the blog  ( Sad People) It may have sounded that I was not having a good time, those who know me better will know I am happy when moaning ??????????????
This season has been quite an achievement for me; and Noreen as she is the one that has to calm and control my enthusiasm for jumping on and off the boat, and all the other athletic things I once did! but now have to think twice about it.
The Boat Log states:
560   Miles
395   Locks
  21   Tunnels
  43   Swing Bridges
As I said before on a previous blog “ not bad for two pensioners”. I also know full well that there are many others just like us who have done more, cruising the system and enjoying life, Personally I am just so pleased that I have been able to do it; as last year it was feared that I would not be able to go cruising again. But by the grace of God here I am.
I am now sat hear watching the para Olympics that makes my little mishap and subsequent recovery dissolves into insignificance against those athletes, the guts and determination of those athletes is so awe inspiring.
So we now settle down for the winter I have a few projects on I want a shed, sort out the garden, give the engine a full service I have heard some knocking though its more annoying than dangerous but it needs sorting, then there is the inevitable painting after six moths cruising. I also want to do a lot more writing I must finish my book. Iys called “A Kit Bag Full of Rubbish” obviously antidotes of 22 years in the army don’t worry all my old comrades names will be changed to protect the guilty?
Its strange to be sat again on the mooring I keep wanting to start the engine and check the battery levels. Wondering how many locks tomorrow or what time to start off. Looking were the next pump out, diesel, or water point is. OH the simple joys of boating I will really miss it
I will still be writing the blog just to keep you all amused over the dark nights ahead

God Bless