Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Settled in

Here we are back on the Marina our boat is NB CONVEYANCER she is a nice 58 footer very comfortable, neat and full of charm we have got her on our own mooring so everything is very much the same. I have not yet been back up to Castleford to see Buggerlugs I am thinking of heading up there one day next week as we need to collect some stuff from her and I need to repair the cooker, also have a quick look to see how its all progressing.
Its been quite busy her I have started on the roof of Conveyancer I am just rubbing it down and doing a bit of a paint job. I am also getting ready to do John stern tube (thats sounds like a medical complaint) its the tube that the prop shaft runs through it needs re packing, John is laid up with a repaired foot he has now got more metal and plastic than bone so whilst I have time on my hands I said I would do it
I have had time to get some fishing in picture attached that was Sunday what a great day  caught loads of fish then I had two pike the same size most unusual to get two of this size in the same swim.

I hope Buggerlugs is completed soon I am getting itchy feet again

God Bless