Sunday, 12 June 2016

Not on the move yet

As I am sure you all know by now I am a very quiet sort of chap and I take quite a lot of upsetting However I am now beginning to get just a little agitated as we are still in quarantine stuck in the boat yard. the lads here are doing a great job but it is really started to drag completion dates come and go, and more problems are found But I am not getting to despondent as we now have all the ancillaries (doors hatches etc) are done  along with the roof so this week its all out for the final colour then its putting everything back in place ????????????
One thing this lay up has taught us! Just how many good friends we have not only are we inundated with offers of accommodation a lot of which we have taken up only for the odd few I wouldn't like to put up with me for two long so why should I subject my friends to it. We have really been able to get around our friends which has been wonderful especially in thus great weather.  Though looking at the forcast it looks like rain for the next ten days I just hope that does't delay us finishing.

I cannot wait to publish a few photos of BUGGERLUGS finished it will have to be taken in low light as the deep gloss will flash back at the camera

We have decided that Lincoln and Boston are out as time is running out so now we are going down the River Trent to Nottingham then heading west through Shadlow and turning north on the Trent and Mersey canal towards Manchester, that route now is the only way home. AS I am Not going down the Leeds & Liverpool again this year I have seen it all twice so we will do the scenic route.

Big Al