Friday, 6 November 2015


At long long last we are back in our own home mooing, Having left here in April traveled along the canals and  rivers of northern England Then heading off to hotter climates and Australia, a place of ever changing contrasts, from sea sand and surf to mountains and rain forests all in one day. Our eight weeks there was, as it always is fantastic; my sister-in –law is the best hostess in Australia for a fee I can pass on the address ask about Thai fish soup???????????
The return trip was quite uneventful, the only thing is, its a long way 21 hours in the air fortunately both the the leg from Brisbane to Dubai and the leg from Dubai to Manchester the planes were almost empty we had a row of four seats to ourselves so Noreen was able to stretch out and sleep most of the way except for feeding time, it could be me but I believe that food is getting less on long haul flights I remember a few years ago when they were feeding you every few minutes now its specific tables but drinks are free and if you manage to get hostess then snacks are available so with snacks and drinks I watch tv for 20 hrs I must be mad I have films and Telle.
So here we are back in Rufford we have only been on the mooring for two weeks but so much has happened Noreen and I have both been extremely ill with some sort of intestinal infection now not to go down that road too far but two, using the loo every three minutes on a narrowboat is not ideal and pump out’s (for the boat that is)  have become quite expensive. I believe that we are now over the worst of that episode of ailments.
Noreen went to a meeting at school on Monday night and whilst parked out side Matthews house a transit van reversed into her new car, not a great deal of damage but according to the insurance co enough to warrant a hire car, I said that our car was still drivable but they insisted on sending us a hire car straight away it arrived the following day now our car is a very mundane Dacia so they sent us a brand new 54 miles on clock Skoda Octavia automatic
Now don’t get me started but what a waist of money someone has to pay for all that no wonder our premiums are so high??? So as we had a very nice set of wheels we decided to get up to Castleford and sort out the re-spraying of Buggerlugs  all is now booked we have to get her there by the 19th April
Which mean travelling the length of the Leeds and Liverpool plus the Aire and Calder at the worst time of years along with some bad weather?
We will not be staying up with the boat as we are both committed down here we have, But as yet we have not come up with a alternative mode of accommodation but as seasoned travellers we have always got the tents

It’s nice to be back home amongst old friends and familiar surroundings, though a few have moved on; as boaters tend to do. However that means that
There are friendships to be cultivated. I am back in the Shed lots of work has piled up and I need to get stuck into it. I am looking at a new lap top this is still working on valves and the key board is knackered I will have to bite the bullet and spend some money but I keep thinking of the re spray ??

Ok folks we are back and the kettles on just give a ring before turning up
07969319626 as if you don’t know

God Bless

Big Al