Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Up Date

Hi Everyone

We have now had all the carpentry work completed and all the paint jobs done. I have only to scribe the the new design on the bow then its all complete. the carpenter has made a good job of the work however apparently carpenters do not fit glass or varnish sorry its a long storey.
Only two weeks to go Noreen starts her helmans course on Tues then after Easter we are off please try and follow our exploits I will attempt to keep the amusing and interesting, though as you all know Noreen and I it is bound to be amusing. please add you comments as it is a way of staying in touch.
We had Sandra and Tom on board today just a quick run out, Noreen had time to practice the Buggerlugs hospitality, and I was able to demonstrate the intricate maneuvering of the boat in windy conditions ????
it was a great afternoon we even had sunshine which made it a lovely cruise

Sandra enjoying a Buffet Lunch (she will kill me for that photo)

Tom Left in Charge of the Tiller

Viki and Elliot finding new freinds

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