Thursday, 3 April 2014

Well thats it we are on our way, the trip today was only a short 5 hours arriving in Scarsbrick about 3. It was a great little run very calm waters in fact thats the calmest water I have ever had going either way on the Rufford branch. Soon Buggerlugs will be out of the water and then the work starts. One really upsetting thing today was whilst passing some moored boats my attention my attention was was drawn to the name of a certain boat called BUGGERLUGS YES! there is another boat called Buggerlugs, they have even coppied the font that the genuine article (OURS) painted I am upset, anoyed, and a bit PO as I think it should be against the law (I suppose I could always sneak out and sink it)
I have just received a  long weather forecast as the boat comes out either tomorrow or sat we have rain for the next week BUT! hey they have never got anything right so why start now.
Be good be kind to each other

Big Al
As you can see the spelling is not the same but if you come across this on 
Its NOT us


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KevinTOO said...

Certainly isn't the 'real thing' Al, just not cricket :(