Sunday, 5 October 2008

Right I have taken a long time over publishing this picture afraid of upsetting our Kid, it was taken the morning after he was taken to hospital, which was of course the day the competition should have started. I know its only supposition, but come on could I have lost, Keith recons its all hypothetical as the competition was canceled I will leave it to you, I have the fish all he has is a broken leg???????

I was told last week that this photo could sell Fish Fingers

Sorry it will not download onto this letter, catch it on separate photo

Titled Fish Fingers


halliwells said...

lol come on alan nice try but i was with noreen when she bought that rubber fish from that tacky shop in blackpool. ttttttttt julie and john x

piphodg said...

Hi our kid , just read the blog on how you would have beat me in the competition if it would have gone ahead, firstly the only reason youre displayiing that little skimmer is it was my top quality bait i brought from Hyde which helped you catch it. If they would have let me out of the hospital the next day i could have tied some line on the end of my crutch and still have beat you, bring on the spring for the next round. All the best buddy . pip hodg.