Friday, 31 October 2008

My lucky Day

How is it that since moving on to the Boat my life has become so lucky, Look at today; two of Norene's old school friends (I should not say old because they certainly do not look it) Marjory and Silvia came to collect Maurine, so I was obliged and delighted to spend the day with a bevy of beauties.
How better can this life get.

After 45 years of different life styles, ambitions, hopes and aspirations, here they still friend's, as if they had just stepped out of school. Its so good to see. Me however to have a class reunion I believe I would have to go to Strangways or Broadmoor. I had best apologise for that as one or two of my old school friends read this blog.

Here they are
The Class of 64

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see you all together Noreen. Can still see some likeness, though I wouldn't have recognized them in the street.
X Mez X