Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Opperation New Knee completed

Just two of the dedicated staff

Hi everyone, I am back.

Just to upset a few of you the operation has been a success "so far"

Instead of talking about myself which I seem to do I am going to concentrate this blog on the dedicated staff at Burnley General. The nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Ward orderlies, everyone who make up your stay in hospital a pleasant one.

Last Wednesday my leg sawed in half twice and now only seven days later I am back on the boat, moving around (on crutches) you tell me that it isn't a miracle. whilst in the hospital I was looked after so well the attentiveness of the nursing staff was second to none. Doctors explained everything you wanted to know, and came to see you two or three times a day. even the patients I shared the ward with were great, and we all had a "reet good laugh" any one out there who is either awaiting a new knee or hip or considering it then I say do it its well worth it.

I only had my lap top with me so only a couple of pics that are not that good

Again we should all celebrate the NHS it has faults but really its the best in the world

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all went well Al

We'll be doing that 5 klm walk together soon !

X Mez X