Saturday, 30 August 2008

Well thats it maiden voyage is over we are back in our mooring. It has been an interesting voyage and a very big learning curve, Noreen is expert at locks, swing bridges, feeding the unexpected guests, and underwater management. I have honed my skills as a Boat engineer, steersman, carpenter, and general deck hand.
We have seen the county from a completely different angle and have been really surprised at just how beautiful it is, I have been amazed at the wild live you can see in the middle of towns. We have both learnt just how hard it can be on the body my hands are hard again through handling wet ropes, my shoulder mussels have enlarged through the constant pushing and pulling of the tiller. Noreen has been winding locks sluices. pushing lock gates, and swinging swing bridges, forget the expensive gyms two weeks on the cut will tone up anybodies body, Its strange that so much hard work can be so relaxing.
Not only have we had a learning curve of cruising the inland waterways, but we have had a quit learning curve of living aboard Buggerlugs, we have now got a long list of jobs that will require my attention.
So folks, thats are first voyage over keep an eye on the blog things are still happening.
We have moved onto our new mooring so I will be letting you know what the neighbours are like.
Watch this space


piphodg said...

Nice to here that your maiden cruise went well and that youare both getting used to Buggerlugs. Hope you like the new moorings, spk soon luv - piphodg & family.

the halliwells said...

AHOY SHIPMATES,Shiver m' timbers the maiden voyage over with almost no casualties( check the policies Noreen did she fall or was she pushed?). a fair wind my friend and a tight canvass-the halliwells

maryanne said...

Fantastic - sounds like you had an eventful trip with many more to come. We hope to see you soon. Love ya lots

M & G xxx

Anonymous said...

Another good thing about Buggerlugs .....When you've had enough of the neighbours can always move way for a few days

Have fun

Heaps of Love