Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Happenings in the marina

Now we are in the Marina things have started to settle down, Although yesterday we had a special visitor, we had lunch with John Major (ex PM if any one can remember him) well when I said we had lunch with him I meant was we had lunch in the same room.
Apparently he has a friend who has a boat here he is a EMP he will be the one who is putting up the price of diesel in Brussels, anyway that is the news from here not very exciting I admit but next week our Keith and I are having a fishing competition for three days so stand by for sparks will fly



piphodg said...

Yeah superb lunch that our kid, beef&onion butties were magic, didn't mind seein john major could have been worse and have been gordon brown.What you have neglected to tell people is that ( not knowingly youve been using next doors electricity) nice touch that our kid, see ya next week tight lines. piphodg&family.

mathew said...

well sounds like you are gypsy's after all nicking the lekky it seems you may have spent to much time with sally anne