Saturday, 9 August 2008

Quart into a pint pot

OK we are aboard, However if you were here yesterday you would have thought we were two magicians. Even though we have down sized once (and did we down size ) and even though we have designed BUGGERLUGS ourselves we have still to down size again. The problem lies in the interpretation between us and the carpenter on the size of a cupboard, what they fail to tell you is when you put a cupboard on you plan you naturally assume that it will be normal size, not so because to make thinks fit into the boat most things are 4" smaller that is due to the hull being narrower at the bottom. Anyway as I was saying we are aboard and now need another car boot sale for the things that will not fit (I dare not tell Noreen that my fishing gear has to come yet, I may save that until a later date and just leave it in the trailer for now. The first night was was strange you get use to sleeping on Your side of of the bed don't you but when one side becomes a dead end ie no way of getting out other that climbing over your partner "well lets say at 4am this morning it was not appreciated. Noise will take a bit of getting use to three or four time I heard gurgling sounds and slapping of water and imagined us sinking.

But after saying all that we are very comfortable and very happy everyone is very helpful and will to share their knowledge of boating experience.

I will send pics when we are cleaned up

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