Monday, 4 August 2008

Everything must go

Its hard to let go of half a life times junk, thing that I collected through my travels, things I brought back for the kids, prizes, presents, things that mean nothing to anyone but us. BUT It all had to go just too much junk, and what better way that a 5 o clock start on a sunday morning.

It was hard work and it required the customary Bacon butts, and black coffee, soon we had the punters rolling in I even sold a pair of wooden skis last used when matthew was 6, sales went well and 90% went

Thanks to Maryanne and Gregg who were stalwarts of the day, and Maryanne stopped me going home with more than I went with

So its now on to pastures new and the old life is behind us but memories still in our heart which lets face it is the best place for them.

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